SOS, here I go again.....

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    Gosh, it haas been awhile since I posted have been bumping along trying to get somewhere with this DD. Thought I had made progress and then BOOM right into a brick wall. I finally got back to work, made the trip from Calif. to Colo for the summer, started work 2 weeks ago and day before yesterday it came creeping bac in. First I was just tired, then the body aches started, I have come home 3 days in a row and hit the bed only to wake up again around dinner time! The sweats haven't kicked in but hope they don't, usually I just start breaking into clammy sweats like my body can't tell what its own temperature is. I don't really know why I am dumping this on you all except it allways scares me somehow and I just need to know that this is another flare up, sounds like I'm a big baby I know but if there is something I can do that I am not doing I would love to hear it or if I am off base PLEASE let me know. I am trying to get the rest when I can, and I am so thirsty as always too.

    I am a Steward at the racetrack so my job isn't exactly sedentary. Please, if you all can share anything with me I am all ears, thanks for being here,

    Warm Hugs .....Pam2
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    I am glad to know at least you made the trip OK.

    You sound like I do - the clammy sweats for no reason. I stay at home now and really only venture out when I have doctor's appointments. Before I even get home the sore throat starts and the achyness, the constant chilled/clammy sweating/hot cycle is still one of the most perplexing to me. Does your sweating have any kind of regular pattern or are they random? Mine seem to take place at certain times of day, in the same pattern, but I don't know how significant that is.

    I am currently trying the salt water thing that's been discussed this past week. I feel this may be something worthwhile, as I am tired of all the trendier things. My greatest benefits so far have been from the digestive enzymes and the elimination of dairy and wheat/gluten. This seemed such a simple solution, it was hard to believe how well it has helped. I listen to my body more now and let it guide me to what it needs, even if that means a chocolate binge once in awhile. I continue to lose weight so things must be going well internally.

    I stopped loading myself with the 30 some-odd supplements I was taking too, because I felt it was a waste of resources that I really could not afford to keep up anyway. Now I take my multi-vitamin, my B-12 shots, digestive enzymes and my prescriptions and that's about it.

    The salt water seems to be agreeable with my body, too and I feel refreshed drinking it, especially with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime in it. So I hope this will be another simple something to help and is at least affordable.

    Wishing you well,

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    I think it's normal to be worried about a big flare-up.
    For me, since I am so seldom good, I find the
    flare's more common. After I do feel well though,
    I find it more difficult when you go back to being
    bad. That taste of feeling better makes you realize
    all that you can't do or haven't done. Once you
    see what is could be like, I find the next fall all
    the harder to accept. I don't know if I am making
    myself understood. I hope I am!

    I read your bio with great interest. At times of
    great anxiety, I love to watch horse movies or anything
    about horses. I read books about horses, will
    tape horse movies, the animal planet. Anything.
    I just thing the are such beautiful animals and
    just watching them makes me feel calmer and seems
    to relax me. Wow! You must have experienced so
    much in your job and probably continue to do so.
    Sounds quite interesting!

    Hope you feel better soon.
    Take Care,