SOS! Please help me. VERY Irregular Menostration

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    Last year I tried the depo shot. Before I got the shot I had been bleeding for a month and a half. I went to the walk in clinic because I don't have any insurance. The doctors told me that the depo shot would either STOP my bleeding or worsen it.. well I stopped bleeding and then my next period lasted FOUR MONTHS LONG! After that.. three months... I went to an ACTUAL doctor.. and they gave me hormone pills to try and regulate me. I took a pill a day for 9 days.. and it didn't help. The hormone pill was a generic version for provera.. and all it did was make me weak, tired, and VERY irritable. I feel like I have hardly ANY energy anymore and I am ONLY twenty-one years old. This shouldn't be happening to me. Last August I left my ex of three years.. since then I have went from a size NINE to a size ONE. I explained this to my doctor and also told her that it was most likely from the stress.. my bad eating habits.. and a new job after not working for 2 and a half years.. she said it was still not normal to lose that much weight so quickly. I thought that my periods were finally regulating... I recently got married.. and I had stopped my period two weeks before my wedding only to start again 3 days before my wedding.. since then I have not stopped... and this is the heaviest I have ever gone... I literally bled through 4 SUPER PLUS tampons withing 3 hours. My stomach is crampy on and off.. and I never get cramps this much... I'm weak.. and tired... My husband and I are trying to get pregnant.. and all of my issues aren't helping. Can someone please give me some advice? I've tried hormone pills.. birth control.. I eat like I should now.. I'm happier and a lot less stressed.. why is my body doing this?
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    I so agree with kjm. You are in the midst of medical problem that a online board can't advise you on. You really need the help of qualified medical doctors who know your medical background, who have done tests and physical exams to help you with this.

    Many years ago, I had heavy bleeding problems during my periods with extreme pain. I did see an extremely good OB/GYN. The previous OB/GYN was not that good. The new OB/GYN reviewed my records and told me she believed I would end up with a hysterectomy, but that she wanted some additional tests. Before those tests could be run, I had my period and the bleeding went so badly out of control that I ended up having an emergency hysterectomy by that OB/GYN. they were trying to keep me calm until they got me into surgery, but I got the feeling that I was bleeding out and it was critical, as blood was seeping all over my clothes through the heavy sanitary pads.

    Please get to an excellent doctor for help. Don't wait, and please don't rely on online boards for advice because you need professional doctors. Good luck and if your doctor isn't helping, then ask friends who an excellent OB/GYN. I hope everything goes well for you. P.S. The area where I live has a magazine that every year lists the TOP DOCS and it is a great reference for the best doctors in the area. If you have something like that, it may be a good starting point for finding an excellent doctor for your situation. Prayers.
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    See the issue at hand is... I have no insurance & my husband and I are really hard on cash. I AM SO WORRIED ABOUT THE hysterectomy. We are really praying for a child. I'm currently trying to get on my husbands insurance. He said I should be on it in a week or two. Either way I have to wait. BUT he is MAKING me go.. I hate doctors.. & I hate paying them the money... THEY COST TO MUCH!
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    ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors on their boards to speak with you. At the very top of this Health board in bold is a post free/low cost medical care and prescriptions. Go there and there are a few posts with resources for getting free medical care. Otherwise contact your county medical department or Planned Parenthood to find out how you can get care at low cost/no cost near you.

    You said the issue is that you hate doctors and don't want to pay them the money. So I gave you some resources that you call and try to get in for low cost/now cost. Good luck.

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    You hopefully will wait a bit longer, to first see a doctor and maybe find out what is going on before you risk miscarrying a child.
    Ultrasound to visualize and hormones may need to be used to adjust your cycles. A reproductive endocrinologist is what finally helped me, but an OB-GYN with experience of 10 or so years might be a good choice. Ask around or contact the Medical Society for a referral. Good luck. Our cycles are indicative of overall health. Some folks need a more natural progesterone, etc. Be patient but don't ignore what needs to be addressed, like sleep, diet, satisfying friendships, etc.

    Get well! Ellen

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    I have officially made a Doctors Appointment at the Voss Center. It isn't until September 6th. But I explained everything & they agreed to see me. I am on my husbands insurance now so we can finally afford it. I recently found out polycystic ovarian syndrome runs in my family. My sister has it and her Doctor told her to tell her other sisters to get checked. I'm praying that isn't it. But you are correct. If I do not do something now... I could become infertile. & my husband and I are not willing to risk that. We are still trying for our first child. & we are also going to talk to the Doctor about giving me something to help me ovulate and get pregnant. Thank you everyone for responding to my post. I didn't think I would actually get so many responses. :) I'm praying for the best. & keeping my faith in getting pregnant SOON!