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  1. sami

    sami New Member

    more than our about 9 at nite i take my bedtime pills, and still have to read a bit...then i seem to miss that crucial moment when i am meant to fall asleep and get a false second wind!!!!
    then ,i have to turn out the lite because it keeps my sweetie awake, so i go into the fall asleep till 6am and anthony barking....
    then ,all morning i sleep again, back in my bed!!!!!!
    it is 12:13pm and i can barely stay awake to write this....
    plus i am on a low, very low carb, high protein diet and i am starving!!!!!
    well not starving, but i want to eat...
    i am determined to lose these 10-15 pounds.....
    once i hit 50 i seem to not be able to lose weight..of course my activity level is low....
    oh it is such a circle!!!!!!!
    i am just venting here.......
    hope all are well....
  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    Oh, my dear! You are in a horrid state, and I'm so sorry. I have had times like that and it's miserable.

    (((Hugs))) I hope you are able to sleep and have more energy soon!

  3. sami

    sami New Member

    thanks...i just can not shake the fatique.....
    i get on the computer and search for something interesting to read......
    i am a real book junkie, and i go on to amazon and usually buy a book used..they are great deals!!!!!
    i stopped buying clothes as i never go out, so books are my thing....
    if i could just prop my eyes open to read them!!!!
    i do, but i am usually reading up to 6 at a time!!!!
  4. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    That is tough! I have read that sleep is very important for the body to be able to burn fat. Have you tried any sleeping aids?
  5. sami

    sami New Member

    i take..20mg ambien, 200mg lyrica and 2 tylenol pm's......
    some nites it works...other nights..forget it....
    that is why i am so foggy lately...and i am doing the guifenesin protocol and was feeling a bit more energy...????????????????????????
    my folks are flying in today(to arizona) from freezing new jersey...have to pick them up at the airport in 3 hours. thank goodness i have a wonderful sweetheart who will not only pick them up(with me of course) and take them to their place he even did their food shopping for them at 6:30am today!!!!!!!
    he is my i love him so...
  6. renae1979

    renae1979 New Member

    It could really be the low carb diet!! I know I may catch grief for this - but out bodies really do need carbs to function. Carbs are not the enemy. Carb overload IS very bad, but our bodies have actual, important uses for carbs and starving yourself (of carbs and just in general) is going to be bad, especially if you have fatigue and sleep issues to begin with.

    More and more people are beginning to realize that the low carb/no carb diets are actually bad for us and this is why that market is doing so poorly now. It is much better for our bodies to find a well balanced and portion controlled diet that nourishes our bodies with what we need and cut out all the empty calories we don't. A good diet will help with energy, sleep, etc. as well.

    Okay, I’m stepping down off my soap box now. . .
  7. kch64

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    Hi. I've been "sick" like that for a month now. Started when I caught a cold. Now, I can't sleep at night, and then in the daytime, I want to sleep.

    Last night I took some Melatonin, first time trying it. I did sleep, but don't feel well again today.

    I need to get back to work, but just don't have the energy.

    Hope you get better soon.