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    Hi everyone,

    I'm pretty new and really curious. I have a background in the science and health field and really like to find answers.

    So, I'm curious, espeically for those of you under 30, how many of these viruses have you had? My son ( now age 20)had each of the following: roseola (7 months), cocksackie (2 1/2 years old)(hand-foot-mouth), chicken pox (5 years old), fifths disease (8 years old), mono (possibly more than once but the worst at age 15 where he was bedfast for 3 weeks). He also had a weird virus around the age of 7 where he was really sick for a week, barely moved, didn't eat, etc. It seemed that everytime he would get back from a boy scout camp out, he'd have a sore throat for a day or two.

    He now has POTS, NMH, CFS.

    I'm really interested.

    Thanks for your time.


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    Gee...sounds classic to me! Many viral infections, then mono, then CFS, NMH and

    Is anyone studying him and his history? I'd send his history to a researcher; they might like to test him in some way.

    How are YOU? Does anyone else in the family have symptoms? Please be very cautious about exchanging food, utensils, smooshy kisses, etc.

    Have you read about these illnesses? Especially Dr. David Bell, Dr. Martin Lerner, Dr. Paul Cheney, the co-cure website?

    hummingbird me is a good site, too.

    Is your son on meds for his symptoms? How is he doing? My 18 y.o. granddau. was dx'd with CFS (they called it "chronic mono" and said there was no treatment) at age 15. Missed last 3 years of school, rested night and day, and is now going for GED and college in Jan. Hope she makes it!

    You should search this site for the gene studies conducted in the UK, especially, and the very poor one done in June by the cdc. They are very important, but I question which came first...the faulty genes or the illness changing the gene profiles (as Dr. Paul Cheney contends).

    You might also Search for Osler's Web on this expose regarding CFS.

    Garth Nicolson, PhD is THE source regarding mycoplasma and other "stealth" infections and their treatment. A famous, respected, highly published researcher.

    For CFS treatments, the library here, ProHealth owner Rich Carson's story, also Dr. Cheney's heart DVD from dallasftworth support group org.

    Dr. Martin Lerner has lots of good info regarding the heart. Also Arnold Peckerman.

    Well, that's all MY brain can come up with right now...others will chime in, I'm sure, and you'll be busy, busy, busy!

    Oh, I'd be remiss if I didn't clue you in to the theories of!

    Best to you and your son,

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    Wow! There's a lot of great information here, thanks. I was familiar with some of the sites, but not all, I'll check them out.

    OK, I'm fine,his dad's okay, but younger brother (now 16) has a few problems, but nothing real big, yet anyway.

    My older son didn't finish high school and took the GED and is now a student at the local community college. He did pretty well until this semester. Tough semester, for sure, but he got sick a couple of weeks ago.

    HE's not currently taking anything, but did take Immunocare 64 for a while, which now in retrospect, I think helped some. I just took him to an internist to check for lymes disease(which he'd never been checked for before, and he had "perfect" labs).

    Good luck for your granddaugher. If she has problems with the GED, many community colleges offer prep courses which almost guarantee completion.

    So, thanks for the input, and I know that since things were going so well for awhile, that I got complacent, but now that things are problematic, I think it's time to get busy.

    Thanks again,