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    To anyone: i have learned from friends of mine who have researched the manufacturers of plant based dig. enzymes that only 4 cos. manufacturer them in US for all of these selling cos. they all come from l of 4 sources most come from aspergillus oranzae (not sure of last word spell), this is a fungi, Candida is a FUNGI not a yeast, a friend sent me research footnotes to back this up.

    I"ve e mailed 2 dig. enzyme cos. asking the ??? ARe there any fungal markers in the final product. SO far only l assured me there were none they had to ask their manufacturer, they didn't know and the guy was a ND>

    the other 2 cos. have not responded.

    So let me throw this out for responses< many of us are hypersentivite to foods meds supplments, i've read in 2 food allergy books where the authors became synethized to dig. enzymes, i've tried eating w/o them, but i can't seem to digest my food and etc.

    So i guess the question is if candida is a fungi and according to my friend research it is, a fungi, IS it contraindicated to take dig. enzymes from an aspergillus (fungi) source ??? unless the co. can assure us the end product has NO fungal markers??

    The other 3 sources i don't know some are bacteria, i don't know the name of them however.

    please respond anyone, thanks Paul M
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    NO that is not one of the cos. i contacted i will if you can get me the no. Garden of life said their product omega zyme had no fungal markders but i had to nix, it probably so much protease in it it was hurting my stomach, protease can irritate leaky gut or irritated stomach lining i've read

    get me their no. and i'll ask them the ????? thanks much

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    Hi Paul,

    I think you may be overreacting -- MAY be -- I don't know. I have read too that many digestive enzymes are produced using a fungal process, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be bad if you have candida. There are good fungi and bad, just like there are good bacteria and bad. Many older books claim that one has to eliminate all yeasts, which is now shown to be unnecessary. In fact, naturally made sourdough bread is recommended to help control candida (in fact eating sourdough is recommended by the infamous Jordan Rubin who sells the Primal Defense and other digestive enzyme-based products.)

    I too have candida, and take a product which is very high potency, called Digest Gold. It's the best -- expensive, but one of their caps equals four or five of some of th eregular brands. It's made by Enzymedica. And the other brands I've checked all state their is no fungal residue.

    Just my two cents.

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    Don't know, but bumping for more info. June
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    I really don't think i'm overacting as the following is the basis for my concern re: long term use as many of us seem to require of digestive enzymes, I WELCOME ANY HELP, I WAS TOLD BY A MAN WHO HAD CFS IN THE late 80's now much better that plant enzymes come from 1 of 4 sources, this quote from (see below says aspergillus) if you know of any other sources (not pancreatic) than aspergillus let me know please,

    The part I quote on digestive enzymes from a book I’ve had for a few months, written by Nicolette Dumke "Food allergy Survival Guide, 5 yrs. Without food" She has been through the "GI and digestive problmes dysbisosis problems, numerous, food allergies, and dealt with insufficient hydrochloric acid (or hypochlorydria) wrote this book with sources quoted."

    Paul’s note: It has been a legitimately based thought in my mind for some time, and I’m just throwing it out as a possiblity. I’ts based on sources just as your many hours of research is (and I appreciate your time I truly do you are a genuine friend). As long as I’ve had to take 1 kind of digestive enzyme or another, at one time long ago I was on the ultrazyme and Betaine + a (hcl supplment) but as my "gut ecology " became worse do to many many factors, I switched to Kirkman Labs with DPPIV supposedly plant equivalent to HCL supplements, I did e mail the tech. Dept. And they admitted that dig. Enzymes are large complex protein molecules (as she states in her book) and thus a person with much sensivities could become more sensitized to them more easily than to other supplements.

    This is not paranoia it is based on the following sources.

    I"m just throwing this out as maybe I’m reacting to the enzymes over time rather than so as many foods as it seems, although I’m sure some foods set me off as they do you.

    Again as in our illness another yet CATCH 22 is I can't seem to digest food w/o any kind of help in this area of enzymes,

    from nicollete’s book:

    " Plant enzymes are mostly derived from Aspergillus orazae)) . Digestive Enzymes are large coplex protein molecules and thus we may sensitize to them more easily than to other supplements." (Source the author Nicolet Dumke quotes Dr. William Philpott), After many months on plant enzymes taken daily, I became sensitized to them. (Nicolette’s statement)

    Dr. William Philpott recommends if not allergic to pork and beef (Paul notes: which I am) rotate pancreatic enzymes, plant enzymes (from Aspergillus orazae, bromelian (from pineapple) and papain (papaya) The problem Philpott states though is bromelain and papain are active in digestion of protein only."

    "In his book, Digestive Enzymes, Dr. Jeffrey Bland says that while enzyme supplements can be an important part of breaking the vicious cycle of maldigestion and starting us on the road back to health, we should not have to take them forever. He recommends a regimen of vitamin C. Vitamin A, zinc, and pantothenic acid to improve digestive health in general. " Bland Jeffrey Ph.D. Digestive Enzymes , pp. 13 & l5

    Paul's note: In a recent study at UCLA in CFS patients 90% had hypochlorydria,(insufficient Hydrochloric acid)

    SOOOO WHAT IS THE ANSWER ANOTHER CATCH 22> we need the enzymes to help us break down our foods, yet, given Many of our CFS hypersesnitivities we can become "sensitizied to the enzymes themselves and possible be reacting in some degree to them. Paul Mark in KY
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    Can you get a Elisa (enzyme-linked immunsorbant assay) allergy test for common digestive enzymes? If so, you might
    find ones you're not sensitive, and then look for those.

    The Elisa is a blood-based allergy test, which naturopath, James Wilson, recommends in his book "Adrenal Fatigue." It's supposed to be much more accurate than other, traditional allergy tests.

    I plan to do one for foods and herbs I regularly consume. I'm focusing on the herbs and plants contained in my supplements, including enzymes.

    Good luck,