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    For those who are worrying about Atkins diet might consider the South Beach Diet instead. It's not a strict as Atkins and it's not as high in fat either.

    Dr. Agatston made up the diet. Yes, it is similar but Dr Agatston uses "Good fats" and "Good Carbs". The induction is very similar to Atkins but instead of 4 phases it has 3 and they don't seem to be as strict or loaded down with saturated fats (which I have a hard time believing could be good for you even if you don't have cholesterol or heart conditions).

    South Beach Diet states you will lose 8-13 lbs on phase one. No "white", ie; sugar, flour, pasta etc etc. This last for 2 weeks then you start adding back in the good carbs. Instead of a diet he tries to make it a way of life. No calorie counting, carb counting, label reading, nothing like that. I'm finding it very easy so far.

    To read more go to the prevention website it has a lot of info there and it has message boards for the South Beach Diet if you have questions. I recommend reading the book. It's very informative and explains about glycemic index of foods, and how the diet works. It also has recipes and menu's for the phases.

    Any questions let me know!!

    I hope I've made sense, my brain fog is kinda bad today.

    Love Scooby
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    I have had great success with Adkins as far as weight loss, including a 13 point drop in cholestorlal (it was only 142 to start with so no problems there) But I do not feel any better. You can do Adkins and watch the "bad" fats, I for one can't stand greasy food like sausage. But the program you suggest may be even better ,So I will check out your suggestion.
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    Love the name :O) This is a book, right? I've never heard of it, but it may be worth a try. Sometimes I wonder if Atkins is aggrevating the fatigue (I'll have done Atkins this time around 3 weeks this coming Monday). And my taste buds are so bored. Is this diet a ketogenic diet? Ketosis is great...for me anyway because I don't have very good willpower, so the lack of appetite is very important to me.

    I'd like to know more about this diet, though. Sounds a lot like Sugar Busters, which I did terrible on. In fact, Atkins has been the ONLY one I could lose anything on over the last couple of years. :eek:( I'm currently in the midst of that lovely "3rd week stall" on Atkins.

    Thanks for the heads-up on this, Scooby!

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    The newer "South Beach Diet" sounds like a more sensible diet. A friend of mine was on the Atkins faithfully and loosing weight. A trip to her doctor alarmed her as she found that her LDL was sky high (those are the bad ones in the cholesterol scheme of things). She went off the strict diet and did a modification on her own, eliminating all the animal fats and using mainly olive oil. This helped to bring down her "bad" cholesterol.