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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Carolyn56, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Carolyn56

    Carolyn56 New Member

    Born and raised in NC, moved here to Myrtle Beach 5 years ago. I found it hard to switch from being a Tarheel to a Gamecock. The beach does seem to help my fibro, guess it is like a heating pad. The heat warms the old bones. LOL.....
  2. harboreen

    harboreen Member

    I find the warm salt water of the ocean to help my FM too.....aaaaaahhhh
    now it's cooled too much and sadly it seems that nasty red tide is on the horizon!
    > heavy sigh <
  3. Carolyn56

    Carolyn56 New Member

    Yes I am afraid the pavilion is gone and nothing left there but a bare parking-lot. Just read in the paper last week that Burroughs-Chapin are not concerned about building anything there until 2009. Some of the rides were moved out to Broadway at the Beach on 17 bypass. Hopefully it want be much longer before Hard Rock Theme Park opens. Can you imagine what does rides would do to us who are suffering from fibromyalgia. We wouldn't be able to even get in or out of bed.
  4. Carolyn56

    Carolyn56 New Member

    Yes it is on the horizon, I thought for some odd reason the further south the better. Have relatives who live in Pensacola and have thought about visiting there during the winters. I am enjoying the cooler nights, but think the shorter days are making me more prone to new bouts of depression.
  5. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    My Mother's people have been in Horry and adjacent areas since the late 16 and early 17 hundreds. Any time I went there to visit, I would never date anyone from that area. I'm probably related to most who are from there.
  6. misashua

    misashua New Member

    I am a member on the ProHealth Fibromyalgia Community and saw your post referring to Myrtle Beach and I too live in the Myrtle Beach area. I was wondering if you would mind sharing with me some information, if you have seen a rheumatologist in this area that you have been pleased with. Currently, I do have one, however, I'm not happy at all with this doctor, but I've not found many to choose from and they were all at the same office.
    I would love to chat with you if you have time. I actually posted a question on this site a couple of years ago, forgot where the site was located and just stumbled back upon it tonight. lol And my doctor STILL has not given me an answer to the question that I posted on the board here back then, lol. But I've bookmarked this site now and will be here trying to learn all I can.


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