Soy in Food Supply

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  1. Slayadragon

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    I recently read a post where Stormy mentioned that one of the things that angered her was "soy in the food supply."

    I would like to hear the pros and the cons of soy, in different forms, as people understand them.

    What are your opinions about whether different sorts of people should consume soy, in different sorts of forms?

    If people do consume whatever kind of soy, are there other things that they should be eating to balance it?

    etc. etc. etc.

  2. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Unless I take the time to read all of the ingrediants in most packaged foods now a days .. I end up with red cheeks and a headache because they managed to put soy in the mix .. why is it other allergies are taken more seriously than soy reactions ? .. my reaction might not kill me but it does make me miserable .. and why add soy to so many foods now ..
    I think soy should be on the front of the package in BOLD letters so I don't have to squint reading the tiny ingrediant list ..
    I don't want it thank you very much so please make it more evident that it is in the food !
    Joy "not for soy" !!!
    PS .. I too also suffer from thyroid issues Nancy
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