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    Hi All,

    As there has been so much negativity around soy products, I decided I'd look up if all soy products are bad or just some.

    It seems the meat substitutes are made from soy protein isolate which is quite different from the natural state of the soy bean. I know this as I worked as a nutritionist for a top dog food company and we used it in one of our products for dogs with allergies, the soy had been hydrolysed and therefore broken down into very small particles called daltons so it didnt have the same affect.

    All dogs with allergies or intolerances to soy were ok on this product so there must be some truth that soy protein isolate is much better for us, it's even used in babymilk formulas. This protein when as soy protein isolate was far more digestible than any other animal protein from what I remember and we used it for dogs and cats with digestive problems that worked v well.

    I think it's more a case that it's processed and contains lots of additives such as mdg etc when its in a meat substitute?

    What do you think?
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    I had to put my daughter on the soy milk as a baby she could not keep the others down and hse has had her share of heath problems one of them being she had to have thyroid sugery at 14 years of age.

    she has heath problems now I think she has had her galbladder removed also at a young age she has asthma too

    could it have been the soy? who knows thyroid problems run in my family. but she is the first one to have asthma.

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    In the hydrolyzation process, l-glutamic acid breaks down into free glutamic acid, commonly known as MSG. This happens with all protien that has been hydrolyzed.

    A concern I've read about with soy milk is that it affects human hormones because it contains substances that mimic estrogen when consumed.
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    I found out that my sinus and constently being tired was due to soy. It also caused brain fog. It is in every product, like Stormy said, because it's cheap!

    I love going to Europe, their processed food is typically made with sunflower/olive oils! I never have to read the labs on a bag of chips from there!

    Once I stopped eating soy, I have 50% increase in energy, brain function and sinuses.