Soy question... Please, read the previous post , crucial info...

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    I hope everyone takes time out to read the article posted earlier about soy. I myself became terribly ill due to enhancing my low carb, high protein diet with carbohydrates. I am not as well spoken as the the author of the article, but I can tell you dropping straight soy from my diet, made an enormous difference in my health. I went through the process of cleansing myself of the soy in my bloodstream with a holistic dietician and a series of blood and colon cleanses. I didn't have the stick to itiveness to finish the process with a high colonic which I am leary of because of potential leaky gut, I'm not sure that colonics are right for me, but the herbal cleanse helped me beyond my expectations, I couldn't believe the change in my body. While on the high protein diet, I had basically blown up, and not water weight, but I was round and solid, like I was bursting out of my skin. I am so thankful that I received the help I did which came about in a circuitous way, my willingness to try new things got me into the situation, but it also got me back out. I just want to say, that although we should all respect each others path to finding a way through this disease, sometimes there are things out there that are just plain devastating, when I shared here about my experience several people wanted to play down my experience by placing this as too bad for you , you must have had a food allergy. To this I want to say, yes often people have food allergies, but sometimes the product itself is just plain bad for you and by being too politically correct we can miss some important information that people have through actual experience. I don't believe I had a food allergy, essentially I believe that soy as a drink or whatever on itself is a dangerous product for many people. I am so pleased that some here have the presence of mind to do research and share it, I have such fog I can't even remember the name of the gal that posted the article, but I would like to thank her and I hope many of you read it.
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    Thanks for the information. I bought the soy drink, but for some reason, never tried it.

    The IBS makes me kind of shy of something new to me. I will buy it, but I will try and find out what its drawbacks are before taking anything.

    I didn't have the time to do the research, so I just forgot about it! Good thing from what you are saying.

    Shalom, Shirl