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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by blazer, Oct 8, 2006.

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  1. blazer

    blazer New Member

    Hi, just wondering how you are doing on the mycoplus tf???
    Are you doing just the one pill a day? And...are you doing the other tf's with the myco tf at the same time???

    I am doing fair when on the regular tf, 540 and 560...but again going thru this slump...of huge fatigue and fog. I know I am positive for myco...and need to just go after it. The anti biotics are tough and yet the tf...seems a much better way to go. The Rich story is wonderful and he speaks the truth of what he has been thru to get answers, feel better and then think to help others. So thankful for his input on all of this mess.

  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    where would we be without Rich and this site he has created and gathering and getting info out to try to help others. I wish they would publish a little brochure on his journey. I am having difficulty getting bits here and there. I imagine they will one day.

    I have just had two terrible days where I could not think well enough to write anything. Part of it was a Herx from the Mycoplus and the other was needing to restart the Immune Transfer C.

    I have never taken two powerful TF's like Myco. and TF C at the same time. I have taken a general tf with TF C. and did just fine. These are my feelings about the TF for ME right now...subject to change!

    1. I wish I had taken the Nattokinase (sold at this site for $27.95) to help clean out the fibrin. Mikie used heparin. My doc has said that he will never agree to heparin. So, the natto for me. I think we can possibly be wasting money on some of the TF's if the fibrin isn't cleaned out and I am sure that Mikie would agree.

    2.Loved the Mycoplus TF. For two days I could feel it working and on the 3rd day was the herx. I took one a day but if I need to go somewhere (like a baby shower on a Sunday afternoon), I stopped the Plus for three days (two before and the day off the event).

    The herx for me was aching and CHILLS and nausa and SLEEPING. And I felt it wasn't safe for me to drive anywhere. But the herx would start about 10AM lift by about 4pm and by 5:30 I could go to my "pump it up" exercise class.

    However the last herx was lasted for two days (where I couldn't write).

    3.Immune Transfer C. I went 5 weeks, 6 days without it. I cannot make it 6 weeks. By that time was feeling sick from being without it. I have restarted it and am feeling better by afternoon of 2nd day. I am going to have to "tinker" with how often I go without TF C.

    One of my kids and wife are going to be here for a few days and I have to be well enough to make airport runs so no Mycoplus till Tuesday. (about 1 week off of it).

    I will be taking Myco and TF C at the same time we will see what happens!

    Will start the Natto when it arrives. I know that you have to take that a long time to let it work since it is much milder than heparin. So much is try, try, try.

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