Spacee, whats the Mycoplus youre talking about?

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by dancingnut, Mar 29, 2004.

  1. dancingnut

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    Hi Spacee,

    I too want to take the NT eventually, but one thing at a time. My priority is to get to one TF a day, then start the Doxycycline and take it a long time. But what is the Mycoplus you are refering too? I couldnt find it in the store.

  2. Mikie

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    Don't forget to take a good probiotic if you are not already taking one. Otherwise, the Doxy will kill the good bacteria along with the bad.

    BTW, after two years on the Doxy (I've been sick with a mycoplasma infection 13 years) I am starting Heparin injections to dissolve the excess fibrin which provides hiding places for pathogens.

    I'm off the Doxy and Famvir and am Herxing on day four of the injections, so they must be uncovering pathogens which my own immune system is killing. I've been taking colostrum and ImmunPlex whey for about a year and this has helped rebuild my immune system.

    I am hoping that after six months on Heparin, I will no longer need the Doxy or Famvir. In a month, I will be adding transfer factor for three months.

    Love, Mikie
  3. spacee

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    Our illness reminds me of "it takes a village to raise a child" takes all of us (a village) to help each other beat CFS. Mikie has done a great job of posting (repeatedly) of what she has been doing... which is great because I need to read it over and over to get in my brain.

    Donna, Mycoplus sounds like it would be something that fights mycoplasms but I don't think it does. I actually don't know exactly what it does but that Dr. Brewer recommends it. It is an herbal supplement if I remember correctly. I will look it up in the morning and post what I find. I have that it is recommended in my notes but I will try to see what it is.

  4. spacee

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    I am getting my docs confused.....

    Dr. Guyer who wrote about IPS (insulin potentiate) and the NT Factor in HealthWatch is the doc who likes Mycoplus. He says that it DOES help with mycoplasms. This information is in an interview with him in our very own library...or you can do a search for Mycoplus and it brings up the same article. When you do the search on Mycoplus you will find a place that sells it called RAINTREE. It is pretty cheap compared to transfer factors.

    Since have learned about the heparin therapy, I am not interested in the insulin treatment (way too expensive too).
    But the NT factor and Mycoplus still sound interesting enough to keep my notes on for future reference.

  5. tansy

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    have brought about a dramatic improvement in a member of another message board.

    I checked it out on the net and was impressed. The UK site makes available lots of information on all the individual herbs, I'm sure the US one does too.

    Myco + and bromelain are a lot cheaper than the meds and TF.

  6. Mikie

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    It just about destroyed my stomach. I would have preferred it to injecting myself twice a day, but I am more than willing to do it if it ends up helping me. I just had a big Herx yesterday, so something is working. I have stopped the Doxy as I really hate to be on so much stuff at once.

    I see my doc on Wed. and will be ordering two types of TF regardless of whether I will be able to stay on the TF or not.

    Love, Mikie