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    I just wanted to let you know that you do have the ability to edit or delete any messages that you may write and then later change your mind about wanting to have posted. It is a wonderful feature that allows us control over what we write or want to change. I have used it many times when I reread a message and realized that it didnt come off like I meant it to or I was in a fog and my grammar and spelling were horrible. It is ok to change what we write as soon as we realize it wasnt what we really wanted to say.
    Just wanted to let you know about this great feature here..Blessing to you on your journey to better health and a pain free life..:) Kathleen oops...forgot to tell you how to use it...just go to post and click on the options next to your name..really easy...Thank goodness!
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    Sometimes I think I'm doing pretty well and then go read one of my responses and see where I've had dyslexia or used one word when I meant to use another or simply left off the last letter or two.

    I try to edit them so they make more sense.

    Love, Mikie