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    Hi Spacee,

    Thanks for your response about hematologist
    and checking for blood problems. I very
    rarely see a dr. without information to back
    up my story! It's just the way I am. I went
    to an endocrin. for polycystic ovarian disease
    and when he ran blood tests, I asked him to
    run one for growth hormone. He did and it
    came back low. He was shocked. I gave him
    info from med journal on fibro and low growth
    hormone. He was very interested and very
    happy to have that info. I think he is someone
    I should try to get more interested in my concerns.

    Take Care,

    PS I wrote you a thank you for your sweet message
    to me concerning getting older with FMS and how it
    effects us. I hope you saw it. I think it is on the back
    pages by now!