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    Hi all my buds out there;

    Gosh darn it- only had 2 days of college and I feel like the semi ran me over- WHY??? The spasms were doing good byt have returned with vengence- I can't even concentrate to do my Algebra!!!! I hope I can get this under control- Yesterday in college, I felt like my legs were going to give out(rubbery) sorry to complain- this can't be happening to me.. I gotta calm down- anxiety running way to high and I still do not have health Insurance

    I am serious folks, I tried everything to get insurance- I am SOL, can't get Medicaid cause my DH makes to much-he is on SSDI- we have a mortgage- we looked into filing Bank ruptcy, but we can't afford lawyer...The legal aides around here no longer do Bankrupcy because the laws were changed last fall. Can't get Healthy Plus here in NY cause my DH makes to much- JUST really frustrated and sick of being sick. The only insurance I could find, can't afford the premiums- tring everything just to get by-

    Gotta try and get my Algebra homework done- class tomorrow- I just pray I can get through this- I am the type of person who keeps pushing until I fall on my face...

    No free clinics around my area, I can't afford to drive miles to find a place even.

    Thanks for listening
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    I'm right there with ya Janet regarding the insurance.
    Glad you decided to vent here.

    My college classes start next Tues, and my back has been have terrible muscle spasms where my herniated disc is.

    I'm dreading going back, but I'm almost done! Two semesters and I'll be graduated an on my way to be a RN.

    Hang in there sweetie. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. 1975jet

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    Hi Cockotoo - how do you handle it, in school I mean? I am even doing elevators-cause my classes are on 2nd & 3rd floors- I know I got to give it time. But I just hope my body lets me handle this. You are going to be an RN- my best wishes to you, hon.

    Makes me feel ashamed, well all I can say good luck to you?
    How long have you been going to College? Are you collecting SSDI? Gosh, I just wish I could get some insurance- I know I am not alone.... Something has gotta be wrong with this system>

    Bless You and again I wish you luck
    It is nice to come here and vent- but I don't always like to be negative.
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    I use the elevators too. My body can hardly take the walk up the big hill, dragging my bookbag on wheels behind me from the parking lot at the bottom of the hill.

    I hope ALL our bodies let us handle this. After last semester, my body was shutting down.

    Why would you feel ashamed? I was feeling pretty good when I started classes in the Fall of 2004, but the stress has really done a number on me mentally and physically.

    I honestly don’t know that I will finish and graduate (my biggest fear).

    This is the beginning of my 3rd year of school. I even took a summer class after the first year as I was still feeling perky.

    I signed up for microbiology this summer, but had to drop it. I was still too exhausted mentally and physically to get organized.

    I don’t collect SSDI. My husband works very hard to support both of us. But our plan is to continue to try to live on one income even after I graduate and start working. Keepin' it simple, ya know.

    I found a charity program through my hospital that is helping me right now with doctor visits and certain meds.

    DH is self employed truck driver. We can’t afford to put me on insurance with him, would be over $1,100.00 a month!

    Donnaeil~ You should be so proud of yourself too! If I had to go to class using a cane or scooter, I would too! Do you get any breaks in between quarters? Going all year around is TOUGH!

    Well, let’s all keep up the good work! We are here to support each other, and that means SO MUCH!

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    You might see if the chairs at school are causing the problem. When I was in college the chairs were my down fall. I was measured and had a chair's height and back support corrected for me. It was a God send. Since it was on rollers I put my books on it and rolled it to each class. The college paid for the chair to be corrected. Check with the college maybe they can help you with the problem.
  6. georgie0826

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    I have a daughter with medical condition, and she declared it to the school. She is able to get all kinds of help. She can have someone take notes for her, have more time on tests, special seating, etc. She doesn't use most of it because it embarrases her. But it is available for when she needs it. Check with your school.
  7. 1975jet

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    Hi all;

    Thank you so much for all the replies on health insurance and encouragement for college. I will look into the insurance info- it is like I cannot afford any of the premiums for myself. DH has Medicare A & B & D- I have to make sure he keeps his insurance because of his health also. It is like flipping a coin, and I believe his transplant could be a live saving. What I have, I don't think I could die from.

    Thank you for the info. for college, I am working with Disab. people at the college and through a state agency that helped me with grants and also counseling. I just gotta bit the bullet and ask for more help(But) sometimes you feel embarassed that your motor skills and mind has changed so drastically that you need this help. I have to work on that... It is VERY Hard.

    Be well my friends and Hugs- I do not know what I would do without this help and advice.