spasms in neck-could not move head

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    I tried to get up out of bed and I just could not move my head, that pain was unbearable. I tried to lift my head with my hands but it would not work. Somehow I did get out of bed by sliding out.

    My neck went into spasms. I sat up with a heating pad.

    Eventually, I felt ok to go back and try again to lay down. I was able to fall asleep and when I wake up, the pain is relaxed.

    My doctor tells me not to allow the chiropractor to manipulate my neck as there is hardly any space between the discs. But I think it needs to be aligned.

    I have signed up for seated yoga for the over 50 crowd. I am hoping this helps with the alignment of my spine.

    How do any of you deal with the neck pain and spasms?
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    If heat helps it, then infection is highly suspected. Viral esp.

    If it continues to hurt, I would visit a bone & joint specialist.

    Yoga stretching will help in pulling the fascia and bones back into alignment, but if you have degenerative cartilige it will just pinch the nerves. More info is needed.

    Magnesium is very essential to helping muscles relax from spasms. I like Peter Gillham's Calm: Magnesium Citrate, Lemon-raspberry and Stevia. Very quick, tastes great.

    Try a long hot bath if the heating pad helps. The virus is not just in the neck.
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    I will look up PG's Calm.....thanks!