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    Any else get severe bowel pain. I had to increase my pain meds this past few weeks and it causes my constipation to worsen. Today I was doubled over in bowel pain. It goes into a terrible spasm. I did my best to get up stairs and take a phasyme tablet and then get in a hot hot tub to relax the muscles. It finally settled down. I felt like I was in labour. I was breathing heavy, almost vomited , chalk white and scared. I almost called 911. Then I rememberd the hot tub trick. It really helps. Any how I did finally start going to the bathroom and feel much better. I have to in the new year for my first colonoscopy and I am really scared about the cleansing you need to do. Its going to be so painful. Im thinking of having my doctor take me off the pain meds a few weeks before so I wont be constipated. Any one else had to do cleansing while on pain meds. I go everyday but its very hard consistency. I take stool softeners. Sorry for the gross subject but it is so so painful when this happens. I just want to die during a bout of it.
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    i drink alot of water all day long. My problem is the narcotic pain meds. They make the stool hard balls. Im able to go everyday in little amounts a few times a day. Its not often this severe pain thing starts. I eat alot of fibre too. It was worse before the narcotic meds. I so loose I couldnt pass gas for fear of going in my pants. I had the spastic bowel several times a year where now its only a few times a year. So I guess I have to put up with the hard stool. I dread what they are going to find during the colonoscopy. I dont think I could handle the cleansing and having all that hard stuff pushing thru me. I think I may have to come off the meds when its time to do that. i need to keep an eye on it as bowel cancer is big in my family. My mother lost 3 sibling to it and two of her siblings survived and my mother just had a large malignant peice of her bowel removed and she is only 69 years old. So Im at high risk. I have always had bowel trouble. Its so painful. Thanks for responding . Im going to try that treatment you said. Im fine today and had a good movement today. SO I feel much better.
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    There are stool softeners you can get at the drug store OTC. It sounds like you might benefit from something like that. They are often recommnended for people on narcotics.

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    You have been so supportive of my battle with Unum that I am happy to relieve your mind just a little about your upcoming procedure. You know some of my history from the post that you have been responding to. I have had spasmatic colon and IBS for quite some time. This is a disgusting subject but I have had to deal with this for a long time and I finally just told the docs how really bad it is. DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE TEST! They will have you go to the drugsstore & get a salt type laxative and it will turn your bowel movement into liquid. I have had several colonoscopies because of my breast cancer,irritable bowel, and the weird stuff that I told you about on the outside of my colon and before they removed a section of my colon. I was advised to be near a bathroom when you drink(it's nasty) the liquid. I was so constipated the first time it took me 2 hours before I went. I was near panic because I feared it would not work and I would not be able to have the test. I should not have worried. After it started it didn't want to stop. I would barely leave the bathroom & get back to the sofa and I would be running back again. The other times it worked within 30 minutes and as always I was constipated then too. The test itself is not painful at all. The prep isn't any fun but everytime I got awful headaches because you aren't allowed to eat. You will have a clear liquid diet before you have to stop eating altogether. MAKE THEM SCHEDULE YOU FOR AN EARLY MORNING TEST. That will help you so much. I have chronic migraines but I was not the only person sick with a headache on the test that were late in the day. I will never have another one past 10 or 11 in the morning.

    Constipation is a severe problem for me and was only intensified by the narcotics. Sometimes it will be 7 days and I will be taking things to make me go. I use Colon Cleanse, Ultimate Cleanse, StoolSoftners,fiber, etc. I usually end up taking a Ducolax to make me go. At times I have had to take a few of them before I go. It has caused a fissure and everything is covered with blood. I too have the spasms and I have medication that will relax the intestines but I try not to take it because of the other meds. When I get the "big knot" in my left side, I lay flat and massage that area. I also use the microwavable gel packs. I do understand how severe the pain can be. One time I was on the floor and was in so much pain that I could not tell my husband what was wrong. I was completely covered in sweat and he said I was so pale. I could not move. He started to call an ambulance but somehow after 30 minutes or so the pain eased enough and I went to the bathroom. When the episode started I had no ideas what was happening to me. It's very scary. Now that I know it is still scary to be in such intense pain. I eat prunes and add wheat germ and flax seed but I do not drink enough water. The surgeon told me my intestines were not healthy. The section that was removed was thick and nonfunctioning. It is suppose to thin. I have not heard of getting in tub when you are having a spasam. How do you do that? What does it do for you? I too need help in this area if anyone has any suggestions please let us know.
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    Thanks so much for your reply. I was afraid I would have all these hard balls of you know what trying to rush out of my bowels. Its good to know it turns soft. It must be so painful though. Im lucky as I do have a movement everyday. Its small amounts but I do go. I eat prunes and bran cereal everyday. I also drink tons of water all day long. I even have a glass sitting by my bed at night. I think thats what saves me. The hot tub trick is wonderful. You get the water as hot as you can stand it and lie in the tub. The heat relaxes your body and stops the muscle spasms. It works every time. Its painful to try to get to the tub and get my clothes off but I do it because I know it works. I also take a OT med called phazyme and it helps to relax the spasm. Its an awful thing to go thru. Its equivelant to labour and Im not kidding.Im worried about my test as my mother just went thur bowel cancer. Its very dominant in my family tree.Im sure I have diverticulitis. I take a prescription stool softener too and that helps. What a terrible subject on Christmas. I had a wonderful day today. I spent it with all my family at my sisters house. We all get along well and have 3 adorable grandchildren. 4 1/2 year twin girls and a 2 1/2 year old grandson. They love spending time with gramma and that melts my heart. The twins came home with me and are sleeping over. They love their sleep overs at gramma's. They are the best pain releiver around. It was a tough Christmas as it was the first without my husband as we split last Feb. I still love him and I know he feels the same. He still calls me every day but he has addiction problems and the stress was killing me. We have done everything as a family to support him but he keeps falling down again. He knows it too. He is now living with a young woman and her kids as he hates being alone. Still calls me all the time though as Im his pillar of strenght. He lost his mom 2 years ago to cancer and his dad died this summer from lonliness. Drank himself to death and wasnt even a drinker. So Tim always says im the only family he has. So its hard for me to totally let him go. I do love being on my own though , the peace is wonderful. My house is all paid for and Im retired now from my job so I dont need the financial support so that helps. Being a very stressful relationship with fibro just doesnt work. Im not dating either as whats the point. I never know how Im going to feel. Im very young looking for my age tend to attract guys in their 30's but I could never keep up with a young guy. It takes a very special person to be with us fibro gals. So I think I will just stick with my dogs and grandkids. They give me all the loving I need. Well im off to bed. Merry Christmas all the best in the new year with your insurance mess. Im hear any time you need advice. It will all work out, just dont give up and dont listen to them when they try to bully you.
    hugs poodlemum