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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dndoriginal, Jan 15, 2003.

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    Hi my Fibro buddies!
    Has anyone out there tried Viagra, to make you "want" "it"? I have asked my regular Pain Specialist to advise me on this, and she won't.
    I tried some that a guy friend of mine had around. OH MY GOD!!!! I don't know if there is a female version, but if anyone else does. I REALLY would like to know. I am on so many perscriptions and just about everyone of the say "can cause sexual differences......"
    I think if we all had a little more, no alot more sex it would certainly be good way to work off the extra pounds. I have been less depressed since I have had more sex.
    Does anyone know of a women's version? Or maybe something else for women that doesn't have too many side effects?
    Thanks for any input. (pardon the pun)
    Take Care Everyone,
    ( dndoriginal ) In Las Vegas.
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  2. WorldFalls

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    ...don't take Viagra without an RX from a doctor. That could really be dangerous. I've not heard of women taking it. Besides, you don't know how that stuff is going to interact with your meds. If your pain specialist won't discuss it with you, seek the advice of another physician. But please don't self prescribe medication like that. Sex is important, yes, but it's NOT worth your health and possibly even your life.
  3. Elvira

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    Hi Deanna,

    There is an herbal product out there called Vinarol which is supposed to increase the drives for both men and women. I haven't tried it, so I personally don't know if it works or not. I know my husband would be really happy if I was "in the mood" more often, so I may check it out. Do a web search for the product - just be sure to spell it correctly. Once you find out what's in it, you still may want to discuss with a doctor.

  4. debbiem31

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    Hi, I'm new here, today's my first day!
    I wanted to let you know that I found an ad in my parenting mag. for the drug you're looking for. It's called Avlimil (salvia rubus).
    I'm seriously thinking about it too! I'm 31 and have absolutely no sex drive... I don't have a family doc though..
    Good Luck
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    we aren't allowed to post URLs (addresses) here and you could get banned before you ever even get to enjoy this site! Don't do it again or you could really get the wrath of our beloved moderators!!! Just a little Heads-up!! no pun at all intended relating to the topic of this thread!!!
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    It is a drink called "niagra" and if memory serves me correctly it is little blue bottle dot com. It is an "aphrodesiac" for women, ginseng is one of the ingredients, for me the movies with not any XXXX's but the mildly erotic movies do it, the big O I mean and of course the desire, some of my favorites are the "Lady Chatterly" ones they are found for rent is some of the smaller video stores, not the biggies like blockbuster and hollywood but the small older locally owned stores, you might call around and you can order them from Amazon.

    I would definitely not do the viagra pill thing, the heart is the big problem with that drug and Lord knows we don't need any help with damaging our heart.

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    Wow, am I embarrased. I'm terribly sorry about that. I edited my post and took out the website. I had no idea that you couldn't post something like that. I was only trying to help. I'm sure if I would have read the rules more careful, I would have seen that. Thanks for the warning!