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    Hey, Guys,
    I have been in FibroFlare since Thanksgiving, and looking for some Relief. In this State- You spell Relief @ "baby aspirin"!!! Well, 4 Months and 5 Dr.s later, I'm still being told "baby aspirin"(I'm being facetious)!... BUT in X-rays, they found DDD in my Cervical Spine and intend to INJECT me(Tues.) in 2 Disc-places that have collapsed, with an anesthetic and mild Steroid.
    The Result: Anywhere from (nothing or NO relief,)-

    ("It depends on the person")
    {{or the Dr. doing the work! IMHO}} LOL

    TO- 4-6 weeks of relief...

    My Question...If it does LAST 4-6 weeks, is the Steroid doing me any amount of Harm? I don't think so, but I thought I'd ask...
    Also would Like Your Prayers!
    Thanks in advance!

    Fibromiester :)