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    I have just gone off of Elavil because of weight gain and was wondering if anyone has found a diet that works for them.

    I am going to be a sensible eater, more fruit & veggies, no junk food snacks. I have heard of no carb diets but don't know any details. Can anyone tell me what foods have the most carbohytrates in them and what effect carbs have on weight?

    It is very important to me to lose some of this weight I've gained. A better self image will help me all around and I can use all the help I can get. Thanks, Valley.
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    way to lose weight is to cut out all processed foods. It is the processing that is so bad for you. Eat everything in its purest forms. Processing is adding all the sugar and preservatives.White bread is processed, brown bread isn't etc etc.
    So for example don't eat packet foods or tinned foods(unless they are pure), start looking the ingredients and things and youll be surprised at how much sugar is in everything. we dont actually need any extra sugar in our diets because we get all we need form vegetables and fruit.
    Eat natural, its the best way.
    I found the anti candida diet i am on made me lose weight. At least that'll help the fibro too. Buy some books and read up.
    Carbs are only bad in excess because of all the sugar they hold. We store that sugar which turns to fat. This is why the atkins diet is so popular because it is no carbs or sugar, fat burns fat so you can eat any amount of fat. But this diet is only useful in short bursts as it isn't so healthy for you..... It is the sugar which is the root of the problem. I.e less carbs=less sugar!
    good luck!
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    suzanne sommers lo carb diet books are good. They are hi protein but you still eat fruits and vegetables and grain but not always at the same time. I didnt need to loose any weight but immediately lost the bloat at the waist line and am able to hold my stomach muscles tight again cuz of following her food combining rules. Her diet allows you to not be hungry, eat nutritious foods and loose weight. I do not eat bacon or other things I consider unhealthy but use hers as a guide and I feel better. I only eat very lean organic, non hormone containing foods. Fats might not make you fat but I dont thing fatty meats are healthy so I am very liberal with the vegetables without a lot of sauce.
    Hi carb foods are white: potatoes, rice, turnips, beets they make sugare from them, and white flower.
    Bread: flourless sprouted grain is good. Ezekial is a good brand and can be found in the freezer of all health food stores and many super markets.
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