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    Hi, I have been seeing alot, where it is recommended for FM suffers to follow the akins or summers diet. I have been thinking about trying this. I am a coffee drinker, love my chocolate and goodies, potatoes and all the stuff they say not to have. Has anyone out there started up on any one of these. Or follow any special diets????? Or what about the water cure, where you drink your weight in water with sea salt???

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    Do a search on Atkins or Somers and you can bring up all our posts. Neither Atkins nor Somers forbid drinking coffee, but as FMS'ers, we should not have caffeine unless it's just a cup in the morning as a stimulant.

    We need to avoid artificial sweetners, except Stevia, MSG, and other things which are neurotoxins/excitotoxins. Most processed foods contain a bunch of this stuff. Many of us shop the perimiter of the store buying only fresh food.

    Getting rid of high carbs and sugar helps many of us to feel much better.

    Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie

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    Bumping for tracy! :) peace,lisa
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    The key to these diets is to give up ALL sugars, not just table sugar. Then it is much easier to do, since you've removed the insulin roller-coaster ride that causes the cravings. I thought I could not live without pasta, but have not had any for 9 months and don't miss it at all. The only thing I still craved was chocolate, but you can get Atkins Advantage protein bars in chocolate decadence or fudge brownie flavors to help with that.
    I lost 5 lbs. per week for the first three weeks, then I plateaued, but the important thing is how much better I feel when I stick to this.
    Fibro people do not metabolize carbohydrates correctly anymore, so we really should limit them.
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    When I was diagnosed in March with FM I kept reading in books and on the web that the low carb thing was a very important thing to try for Fibro. I, too, was a pasta, rice, bread, chocolate pie freak but I felt so bad that I thought I would try it. Not only have I lost weight on Atkins but I feel SO much Better, have more energy and I sleep better as well. It really is not that hard once you get past the first week or so and you do not feel hungry in between. I will eat an omelet for breakfast and when lunch time comes and I am like - oh its lunch time?? I used to get shaky around 10:30 in the morning but now it can be 1 or 2 in the afternoon before I even feel hungry. I did not do the induction phase of Atkins and continued to eat blueberries and strawberries and still lost plenty of weight. Good luck with it. I am totally sold on its benefits for Fibro!

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    I had to quit eating the Food's that were causing me Problems, it makes me sick to even smell certain food's.
    This cause's a big Problem when you are visiting folks, cause they don't know what to feed you.
    I usually take my own food with me, like when I used to go to my In-Law's for dinner, they never fixed anything that I could eat. So I took my own.

    Also when I travel, I carry a Cooler, so I can take my Favorite, Creamer, cause I have to have my 2 cups' of coffee, and a certain Chicken Dip, and of course a Cherry Pie, I can not Sleep without a Slice.
    Hubby almost went out late Friday night to get me one, cause I was so Restless.

    I think that any kind of Diet, that will make you Healthier, is worth a Try, as long as you don't get sick.
    Plus you have to stick to it, which is the hard part, that's why I take my Food with me, so I don't have to put my System through Stress by eating; Strange Food, lol.

    Just elematining a few food's worked for me, like CheeseBurger's, French Frie's, Malt's, the Main food group of my Youth. Sigh!!!

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    I'm making up my shopping list now, to get ready to start the hypoglycemia diet on Aug. 1. I'm anxious to try it. I started the water (HALF you body weight, in ounces) and sea salt last week. And I definately need to lose weight but at this point it'll be a side benefit.

    I haven't had sweets in the house for a couple of years because my borderline diabetic/no will power husband can't have them. So that's not going to be a problem. The potatoes, rice and noodles are another story. I live on those rice or noodle mixes in the boxes & bags. They are so yummy and easy - and cheap, since I get them at a grocery warehouse. This diet is going to be pretty expensive for me, having to give them up and buy much more costly things to eat. But I'm sure going to do it. I get my encouragement from this board and reports of good results. I've also started taking magnesium and it has helped a lot with my sleep.

    I've learned here of good medications that help a lot but I can't afford any more Rx's so I'm hoping these measures will do the trick, at least partially.