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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by goldenrule, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. goldenrule

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    I know that there are many mature Christians that come in here. You are are elders, mentors and special people. I am in desperate need of God's help. I need to hear his voice. I need to hear him. I need to know some answers for his will. I have never felt so torn.

    I also need many prayer warriors for my child's administrators. I am seeing things that are not of God and feel they are not Christian. Please pray for them. Please pray that God will send the right people in their lives and help them.

    God also needs to send me a trusting person in my life that I can talk to about all of my problems. I need a mature mentor. Please pray that he sends someone to me that I can lean on for Godly advice. I have 2 strong Godly friends, but I know that I need even stronger more seasoned trusting people.

    I want God's guidances and plan. I soooooo need confirmation from him as to handle some situations.

    This is as much as I want to go into. So if you could just pray for me, guidance, a trusting mentor and my daughter's school, I would greatly appreciate it.

    In Christ,
  2. MamaR

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    I will be praying about this...you can count on it!

    I will be praying even if I can't be here every day.

  3. Mamal

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    I want you to know that you are in my prayers - as well as your daughter.

    Take Care and Bless You,
  4. getridof

    getridof New Member

    Yes, as you wrote "I need to hear his voice. I need to hear him. I need to know some answers for his will", that's what I'm praying everytime as well. So I'll put your name in my prayer. Wish you well.
  5. kgangel

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    HI goldenrule,

    Sounds like you are going through a lot of stuff. I am very sorry to hear that.

    When you ask for a christian mentor I wonder if you have thought of a Pastor, if not from your church maybe another church. Pastors are usually very knowledgable, though I know you have to find the right one. Maybe you could ask around. We have pastors in our area that do counseling and seem very trusting and helpful.

    I ask God to guide you to the right people to help you and your family, through all you are going through.

    May God Bless you today and always



  6. Asatrump

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    You have my prayers and thoughts. You really could use private email, where you can talk your heart. I would enter a search engine and type in fibromyalgia support groups. Look around. Some of them you are able to either send a message or actually get an email address. Just a suggestion, but here we pray and do the best we can, but I think you need as you said a mentor or just a set of ears to listen. That always helps me.
  7. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    That you may find someone to talk to and help you in the journry of life.Linda
  8. morningsonshine

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    Please bring peace and quietness to goldenrule's life and heart when she is following the path and direction (your voice) that you want her too.

    You are a God of peace, and not confusion, please cut thur what ever is causing that confusion, and make the right choose, decisions, crystal clear for goldenrule.

    May your holy spirt guide and lead her,

    Thank you Jesus,
  9. goldenrule

    goldenrule New Member

    Things got a little better today. Please continue to pray. I love you all in an agapa way. I am wearing down. You know stress and lupus. Not a good mix. I need your circle of prayers and thank God for your encourgament and intervention.

    God Bless You All