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    So, y'all know I have had multiple problems w/my PCP. I have taken it in my own hands and have appts with many different specialists. Given the massive collective experience of this board, i was hoping you could tell me what questions I should be asking so I don't miss anything.

    I'm going to an endocrenologist, ENT, allergist, my usual internist fibro dr, and a spine clinic.

    I have all of the classic, and some non-classic, fibro symptoms, an antibiotic resistant sinus infection going on 7 months, constant headaches are back, severe exhaustion, excessive sweating made worse by cymbalta, intermitten scratchy or horse voice, 60lbs+ weight gain in 11 months (not food related), bruises all over me that tend to last a long time, intermiten blurry vision (just had eye exam and they are ok), and some other things that I just can't remember right now.

    Kat - crossing her fingers that something will be found
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    I think it would be worthwhile to explore the possibility that you have mold illness or Lyme disease or its coinfections. Maybe your internist would be willing to order a Lyme test from Igenex, rather than from the conventional labs, whose tests miss a lot of cases of Lyme.

    Dr. Shoemaker emphasizes that he finds antibiotic resistant sinus infections due to MARCONS (multiply antibiotic resistant coagulase-negative staphylococcus) in many of his patients who have biotoxin disease due to mold or Lyme. He uses a deep nasal swab with a long duration culture to detect this. Maybe your ENT could check that out.

    Dr. Shoemaker also offers a visual contrast sensitivity test at www.chronicneurotoxins.com that is relatively inexpensive and can be taken by computer. This indicates the presence of biotoxins or other neurotoxins in the brain.

    Your endo would be able to test for ACTH, cortisol, antidiuretic hormone (ADH) and blood and urine osmolality, which could be helpful.

    Your allergist would be able to test for mold allergy, which is not the same as mold toxicity, but might give you some information.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Best regards,


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