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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Mikie

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    OK, most of us own laptops and wi-fi so we can have the luxury of being wireless. If, however, we are using our computers in the same room as the router, we can use an ethernet cable from the router directly to the laptop and it will speed the computer up two or three times. I was shocked. My computer is usually fast enough as is but if I ever want to stream a high-res video or some other kilobyte hog, it might help to just plug in.

    Also, the free viral program the tech suggested is Avast. I had posted it incorrectly on the Lounge thread. It is not as comprehensive with some bells and whistles as the other Norton programs but it also doesn't slow down the computer.

    Love, Mikie
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    Much as I really don't care for Microsoft based freeware, such as Internet Explorer, etc...I *do* use their antivirus--Microsoft Security Essentials...it's free, isn't a resource hog, so it doesn't slow down your computer. I've been using it for about 3 years now, and it's worked really well for me...never had an issue with viruses or spyware...even when I was still stuck with the dial-up--didn't slow it down (no hi-speed here in my hills, yet unless you do the Dish, and I ain't going there LOL). Now I connect with a mobile hotspot, and it's way quicker than my 'town friends' DSL <grin>

    I have a big, honking gaming desktop that was a custom build,with all the bells and whistles, and pretty blue lights and such but your advice to 'plug in' your laptop is spot on....thanks for the reminder!!

    Paula >^.^<

    {who has been using computers off and on for over 30 years--back in the day when they didn't have monitors and mice, and is a closet computer geek in her spare time}

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    I am not tech savvy enough to be a true geek but I did start using a CAD/CAM system to learn on. Then, I went to the MSDOS IBM PC which used floppies to boot. Those were truly floppy too. All one got upon booting was a blinking cursor. One had to know DOS commands to make the computer do anything. I actually programmed mine so it would do some things automatically. Hmmm, I guess that does make me an old geek but technology has passed me by so am no longer a techie. Computers have come a long way, baby.

    Love, Mikie
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    I remember those 5 1/4 floppies well.... you looked at them too hard, and you could corrupt the data....the day they improved them to the 3.5 inch in the hard plastic case was truly a national holiday...LOL

    Oh yeah--the good old days when you had nothing but a C:\ to start your day on the computer....and if you were really 'high tech' you had an amber monochrome monitor....

    The DOS commands--I still use those in windows, when I'm doing certain things...my first personal computer was a Commodore Vic 20, with 5K of memory and if I wanted to save anything, had to use a cassette drive...I think my gaming keyboard has more processing power than that... LOL

    Now the new fad in computers are those 'all in ones', but my advice is to stay away from them--stuff is crammed in there so tightly, there is not enough space to keep everything cool, and I can see it frying the CPU...They look nice, though.

    I like my desktop, and probably will always have one...as they are far superior for gaming...but a laptop will work well for 95 percent of people...in fact I have one, but it runs a little hot for my liking...but it's 9 years old...

    I agree--like those old Virginia Slims ads~

    <<They've come a long way, baby>>

    Who knew rednecks could be computer nerds??? LOL Just got hi-speed about 3 months ago {via mobile hotspot}, but I had DSL before I moved (11 years ago) when a lot of people didn't even know what the 'interwebs' were....

    Thanks for the memories, Mike!!

    Paula >^.^<