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    I went to the Er Friday night and didn't mention the FMS or CFS until they checked me out. They thought I was having a heart attack or PE. Lucky me not. But, now the Doc thinks I may have a partial blockage. When I did tell the ER doc that the palipatations were dxed by the cardiologist as part of my muscle illness. Then I told them FMS. I got no, nasty response. I was amased when the next day I got a roommate who also has FMS. Well, this young doc came into see her and tried to say FMS isn't well you all know. I gave him the guide from here and told him that he needs to educate himself because his ingnorance was showing through. I gave copies of the report on MRI's detecting the pain in the brain and so on. I also told him that I would be letting my doc know of his archaic, inacurate biased opion. My doc is the head of cardiology. Well the next day he had a change of heart. I always have some of the guides with me and take every op to get anyone educated. When I was leaving I left several more copies of the free guide you can get here at 99 per request and as ofton as you'd like. At the main waiting area. We always put some everywhere we go, plus copies of the reports showing confermation.

    Well, I just wanted to say I was so happy to see people and staff learning and accepting more and more. They even made sure I had all my meds and didn't wait for me to ask for my pain meds. They wanted me to take Morophine but, I said I just wanted my usual Oxy. They didn't have Soma so they had my husband bring it in and I got to keep it at my bedside.

    My family thought I was nuts to be so pro active while in hospital. It was just such a great op to teach others. I still have a few more tests to do so I will order more guides now to leave all over this hospital. Plus, I leave them every where we go.

    I guess I sound like an ad for the guides but, they really do help and people are given this site addy to check it out themselves.

    I am curious if anyone else here does this to and if you think I'm am nut's to be so aggressive in trying to educate others.

    Take care, Kim
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    You did a great job in the midst of having your own health concerns. You are a caring soul.
    Hope you get to feeling better!
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    People are so quik to discount people with FMS. If they can't see it bleeding it isn't real, or if it isn't cancer, or heart problems it isn't real either.

    I am very proud of you, and I don't even know you.

    Keep up the great WORK!!!
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    where do you get the free guides? I have looked all over the site and can't find where....
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    It is so uplifing to hear others say I wasn't nuts. We believe Education is the key and that research is so vital to share. I feel that we are our own best advocates and that those that are harmed by docs and others that just don't do their home work or care enough to make an objective opion. Need to be spoon feed.

    Kenna, I want to say hello I see that this was your first post and have posted a welcome to you so others may have the op to greet you.

    Again, Thank you all, Kim
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    Topic A Patients guide to CFS & FMS Topic starter name Web Master. You can order for free as ofton as you'd like.

    Thank you for asking, we all must do what we can to get family, friends and the world to accept and learn. I did make this a mission in my life and some stores have asked me for more guides.

    Take care, Kim
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