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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shalala, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    I decided to splurge on myself since my birthday is coming up. I bought a cake mix,(88 cents!!!), a new neck collar, a new heating pad (on sale) and a new memory foam pillow (also on sale)!!! The heating pad is extra long and moist heat (OMG I love it). I woke up feeling a little better this morning (could be the new pillow?) and actually did a few things around the house! I am also on ambien now and went to bed around 10 p and woke up around 8:30 am. :)
  2. myjoy

    myjoy New Member

    Happy Birthday! And way to take care of yourself! Glad you had a good night...that's always nice when it happens.

    How's the memory foam pillow? I've been thinking of getting one.

  3. hi there,i too treated myself to a memory foam pillow.ive now been using it for the past three nights,and i do feel so much better in the neck and head area,when i first wake up in the morning.its a miracle pillow.

    i also treated myself to new underwear,and some tenna lady pantie pads,for that blader weakness.

    ive also bought some new work boots,they are mens boots,size 7.now im a girl,and i have very broad flat feet.so i decided that id try mens boots instead of ladies,and im happy to report that my toes arent going into that severe stiffness spasm attack,like they used to.im still aware of that toe stiffness,but these mens boots enabled me to be able to carry on walking,instead of having to stop,and sit down a bit to rest the toes.

    its nice to treat ourselves now and again isnt it.

    i hope that you have a lovely birthday.

    take care
    love fran
  4. beege

    beege New Member

    It was my birthday, Tuesday. So I just wanted to wish you a happy happy birthday. Beege
  5. just to let you know..

    ive had no luck with the memory foam pillow.i had to stop sleeping with it under my head, after 6 nights,as i was constantly waking up with a severely stiff neck and terrible pains in my head.

    the pillow did cost me £25,so i figured,it just cant go to waste,so i use that pillow,in bed,under my knees,to help take the strain off my lower spine while sleeping.

    ive now gone back to using just a ordinary pillow,that is not too bulky,has foam lining.and my head/neck pain is gone.

    kind regards

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  6. Mini4Me

    Mini4Me New Member

    Happy birthday! Happy for you that you got to splurge on yourself. Hope all of your items help you get some relief.

    I love my heating pad, but not totally sold on my contoured memory foam pillow.
    Have a great day!!
  7. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    Hi Fran
    As you live in the UK. Was the memory pillow from Argos (sounds like it at £25).

    Is it the traditional pillow shape (not contured)?
    I've been trying to decide which type to get - the contured or the ordinary pillow shape.

    I bought a 3" memory foam matress topper from ebay and although it took a lot of getting used to I feel that it helps a lot and so am looking into the pillows now.

    Happy Birthday to Shalala
    Best wishes
  8. MsOnlyMe123

    MsOnlyMe123 New Member

    Hope you have a wonderful Birthday.
    Enjoy all your "Goodies"

  9. BobinGermany

    BobinGermany New Member

    Happy Birthday! It is so nice that you treated yourself to some nice things!!!! I hope they all work to make you very comfortable!
    God Bless,

    P.S. Send me some cake! <smile>
  10. FibroPainSufferer

    FibroPainSufferer New Member

    I’ve been thinking about getting a memory foam pillow but I wasn’t sure which one to buy. Can someone give me some recommendations on a good brand, model, etc...

    Also, any info on the memory foam topper would be great also! I’m all for a better night's sleep or crawling into bed with a good book!

    Thank You & Happy Birthday!!!!
  11. hi diva55

    the memory foam pillow that i bought was from a shop that sells bedding,curtains and such,i cant think of the shops name though.it was only a small high street shop.

    the memory foam pillow i have is a funny shaped one.its long and wide like a ordinary pillow,but along one edge, it has a raised ridge that is bulky,and along the other edge, its not too bulky,,is smaller.i dont know how else to discribe it..if you do know what i mean,then dont buy that one.i was in agony sleeping on that one.

    i tried slepping with the larger ridge under my head,for two nights,then the smaller ridge.i even turned the pillow over and lay with no ridge,just the flat side,and still i was in agony when waking up.

    i wish you look with your pillows.

    kind regards

  12. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    Hi flossyfudlefran (I do have trouble typing your name!)

    Thanks for the info - you have what's known as a contured memory foam pillow. The correct way is to have the large ridge under your neck. It's supposed to support it.

    I've seen some of those on ebay for £10 or more. Argos has have the traditional pillow-shaped ones with no contures for £25. Maybe that would suit you better but I know how it is to spend money on things that may not work for you!

    I know you have tried the pillow many ways but it took me a week to get used to the mattress topper and now it's great.

    I really feel that it cushions my body from the pains when I turn, so I can wake up in the morning without too much pain & get out of bed quicker.

    I will look into a pillow when I get the energy to bid on ebay!

    Best wishes & hope you get comfort soon.

  13. Diva55

    Diva55 New Member

    Hi Fibropainsufferer.
    As I live in the UK I can't give you specifics on where to buy memory foam stuff.

    I got my mattress topper on ebay for half the price in the shops here, but I hear you can get them at a good price in the US (as usual as we are ripped off on everything over here!)

    Make sure you get a good thick mattress topper - I got a 3 inch one but of course it makes your bed 3 inches higher! so if you have trouble getting in bed that makes a difference.

    You can get memory foam complete beds these days which if you can afford it, is a great option.

    I'm still debating over which type of pillow to get. Maybe if you start a new thread on this you will get answers from people in the US who use them.

    Best wishes
  14. pat460

    pat460 New Member

    The contoured memory foam pillows are too stiff for me, so I bought one with a memory foam core surrounded by down. It is standard size pillow shape. After 1 1/2 weeks I'm still getting used to it, as I love big fluffy pillows, but I haven't had ANY stiff neck pain at all since I started sleeping on it. It cost $25 at Walmart, but it was well worth it.

  15. Shalala

    Shalala New Member

    Happy Birthday to you Beege.

    I have to bake my own cake though (if I can handle the hand mixer ... lol). My son and I are going to a Mexican restaurant we have been wanting to try out. I have been hungry for some good cheese & onion enchiladas.

    I like my pillow. It seems to help me along with the Ambien. I have a so many pillows around here (propping limbs). I need to just pitch them. I hope to invest in a Cuddle Ewe as soon as I can afford it. I am also going in for a sleep analysis next week.

    I got the Serta mattress set that is anti-dust mite, etc. a couple of years ago. Nice bed at first but it is not holding up well (dipping in center). I guess I better find my warranty and check it out. I sure can't afford a new mattress set. Maybe I just got a lemon?

    Take care all :)

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