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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mosherpit, Oct 27, 2006.

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    I was driving to work and got this awful pain in my left side and had the need to urinate real bad...figured I could wait until I got to work...until there was a major traffic jam...the pain got so bad I went to the ER instead of work. It turns out the UTI I had last week never really went away and it was MAD at me.

    THey took very good care of me and gave me scripts for the infection and the pain...the problem I have is my husband and I had an argument the night before about our bad financial situation and I blamed him for it because he hasn't hardly worked this year.

    When I called him from the ER he said "what do you want me to do" I said stay home with the baby for now (she is 1) until they decide what is wrong. Then I asked him to call work and he wanted me to do it...I said no I need you to do it. When I got home he barely even aknowledged that I was back and didn't really react to what the diagnosis was. Not to mention he and the baby were both still in their PJ's at 11:30am...he wasn't even considering coming to the hopsital even though I know I said not tooo...something I would have done had it been him....I guess just the difference in men and women.

    Uggghhh I know he has depression issues and maybe I should not have pointed the finger of blame at him but we are on the edge of loosing everything and I just couldn't hold it back any more.

    Just needed to vent, thanks for reading/listening.
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    that you didn't have the support when you needed it. It can be terribly lonely when the people that should be there are not. I completely understand what your talking about.

    I think so many of us that have these illnesses have been there for everybody but ourselves...and it is crazy that when it comes to us needing something no one is there.

    When things cool down with your hubby...tell him you need him to step up and be the man of the family. The "Rock" that allows you to know things will not fall apart when you cannot do it all.

    I love Dr. Phil's way of talking when he says "a wife needs a soft place to fall."

    Let him know your world was shaken for a little while and he really should have been there for you...

    I hope that your infection and heart heal quickly!!!

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    You made me smile and feel better. I read your post and we are in some ways similar...both March 1967 baby's, I too have a daughter from a previous relationship that I raised on my own, she is now 18 and a freshman in college as a social work major.

    YOu have many more ailments than me and I am so sorry for that, but I admire that you are continuing your education and I applaud you for the work you did before your illness took over.

    Thanks again...gotta go for the day...be back next week.


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