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    I was bitten @ the age of 7 by either brown recluse or black widow...they weren't sure @ the time. I almost died apparently. They had no treatment at the time other than antibiotics by shots, daily. I was paralyzed from neck to shoulders for over 2 weeks, I have tons of medical issues now, all autoimmune (Sjogren's, lupus, fibromyalgia, CFS, interstital cystitis. I am on prednisone & methotrexate currnetly, & endless other meds for pain, etc. ) I'm now in my 40's. My question is, has anyone had experience or know of anyone that has contracted lyme as a child, & it lye dormant, then it became active as an adult? I have taken the lyme questionairre test, with my answers coming back at over 40 positives!! I need to know if anyone knows of a lyme specialist in IL, MO, or IND? I will check the lymenet.org also to see what I find as far as Dr.s. Thank you!
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    It is possible for one's immune system to keep a lyme infection in check and then later have some stressful event ( illness, car accident, immunization, divorce, etc) activate the infection.

    It is also possible for tick bites to be mistaken for spider bites....not that is couldn't have been a spider bite.

    You will be able to find a Lyme literate MD at lymenet.org's Seeking a Doctor board, or through any local Lyme support group in your area.

    The worst thing for a lyme patient is steroids/immune suppressing drugs.

    Many people who have lyme do not even remember a tick bite or a rash. It is possible to be infected numerous times too, since there is no immunity.

    Lymenet.org's Medical Questions Board should be helpful to you.

    I am Dekrator48 on that site.

    Here is some good info...