spikey head?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by katopya, Jul 23, 2010.

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    hey all, i have a symptom that has developed over the past couple weeks, i call it spikey head cause when it happens it feels like my head has spikes in it. my head feels like tight and like it has spikes coming out of it and i cant think straight, its like vaccumy. ok am i weird or what. help!!!
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    I have a lot of sharp pain type headaches, sort of what you describe. I have one right now as a matter of fact. Sometimes they're related to my crazy hormone levels, since I'm perimenopausal...lucky me.

    I had to reply to this one cuz it reminded me of one of my explanations that I had regarding Effexor. When I took it, I felt like I had snakes in my head squirming around...or maybe worms. I had headaches that felt like my brain was cold inside. It was horrid!

    Are you on any meds that may be causing this strange feeling? Maybe it's a side effect. That's always my first thought, but these dds can do some weird things to our bodies. I've been having some irritating sensations lately where I feel like there are bugs crawling on my skin, ew.