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    Thank you so much for posting this...I eat spinach everyday..and I live in Il....To close to Wis. where someone died. So I am pitching my spinach.

    I had heard some stuff about it, but was not sure...so thanks again!

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    They just confirmed a case in Il. just about an hour from me...Scary..

    I don't care what they are trying to do...I am not eating it...Better safe than sorry!!

    Take care!
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    Fullmoon- I hear you.

    I rather be safe than sorry though and kick out the spinach for now. If there is e coli contamination there are some people on this board that may not be able to fight it.

    I prefer natural products as I think most of us do. This e coli can have been transmitted from someones dirty hands or animal waste. Ick!

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    We eat a lot of spinach here and tossed ours out.

    What I have been hearing on the news:

    So far all was supposed to be from a certain distributor in California. (But many probably doesn't know where theirs came from). Not totally verified.

    Organic and locally grown is okay. (Local does not mean Calif).

    Unknown if from fields or the processing of it that EColi was present.

    Cooking kills it, but washing does not. Canned or frozen spinach is supposed to be safe.

    Lots of packaged salads also contain some spinach. But do not trust it from the Deli or loose in produce section of a store or such. Many times it does not to sell loose and the store workers just open bags and put out it in a bin.

    Some are even saying to not use any bagged salads also, until this is solved. (But doesn't lettuces that is loose also from same place ?).

    Love, Susan

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