Spinal Arthritis

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  1. Trixie

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    Does anyone have Spinal Arthritis, if so, do you suffer from painful legs? What can you do for this condition? What treatments are available? What type physician should I see?
    I'm in pain and need answers. The physicians I see now say there is nothing that can be done for this condition. They want to keep doing nerve blocks to stop the pain but I am highly concerned about long term side effects.
  2. JP

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    Hello Trixie,

    you are singing my tune...this is a tough one for me too. I will start lumbar epidurals in 6 days. Vioxx seems to help my arthritic pain and I take double the recommended dose each day, as perscribed by my doc. I also take long acting pain medication, and Elival for nerve pain and sleep improvement. I have a bunch of other spine related conditions and diseases that make it hard to determine which is causing what type of pain. My leg pain is pretty bad...I think it is from the spinal stenosis and nerve involvement.

    Hope you find help...Jan
  3. Trixie

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    what type physician is treating you for this?

  4. JP

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    I have a few docs that help me with my spine. My family practice doc covers my medications. I have a Neurosurgeon, an Anastesiaologist and a Rheumatologist.

    Take Care,
  5. healing

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    My DO does manipulations and also uses acupuncture. You need to make yourself keep moving the best you can. I use my chi swing to help my back keep flexible and I just started a series of gentle pilates classes.
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    hi trixie, i have severe spinal arthritis in my lower spine and neck as well as in my knees, shoulders, ankles, collar bone, and hands. i also have degenerative disc disease. i have had terrible pains in the back of my upper legs as well as down my arms. several things have helped. i use heat and ice depending on the severity of pain. recently i have begun acupuncture administered by a chinese doctor and effects have been astounding. my pain was cut in half. and i have been on every med and tried everything for my pain and have had fibro for 14 years. i also see a PT once a week for trigger point therapy as well as try to walk and do back strengthening exercises. all of this together has helped to significantly reduce the pain.
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    When I injured my back at work, the employee health nurse ordered xrays and they showed degenerative changes. I'm too young for this crap..only 33. The worst part was she was rude about it, basically trying to make it non work related. Insisted on seeing a Dr and he ordered MRI and I did have bulging discs in lumbar region. Had my first epidural injection last week and still am not sure how much it helped. Was miserable that night but started feeling my normal pain the next day, then seemed improved..of course, didn't do much. Now today is going back to the same old pain. I figure the true test will be to see how it feels when I'm working tomorrow. Trying to figure out if I can't get this thing better..do they just keep me on light duty forever? I would give anything to have a week without pain.

  8. JP

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    is wonderful...I have about 18 years experience with great chiropractors. I can no longer tolerate physical adjusting. I flare really bad. I have fractured bones and other conditions that do not lend well to adjustments anymore. I really miss hands on work. I tested the waters many times and found myself in serious trouble each time from subtle adjustments to traditional.

    Thanks for your support however...Jan