Spinal stenosis w/nerve entrapment.....need some education!

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    My spinal stenosis w/nerve entrapment, DDD et al. has worsened tremendously. It hits the cervical, the thoracic and of course "oh, my gosh" the LS. My present meds barely take the edge off and I learned, complete w/anaphalectic shock that I am allergic to Morphine.

    I know there is a genius out there that will tell me what the prognosis is should I elect not to have surgery...and assuming I will be ultimately approved for a special wheelchair for those with this level of the disease. Thanks. CactusLil'
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    My father had this a few years ago and had the operation. If you want, I can send you him email address and he will happily answer any questions you have. As I think you already know, the prognosis without an operation is not overly good, as it just gets worse and worse. However, the operation is quite a toughy too, so I understand the dilemma.

    My Dad's operation was a success (despite him having emphysema). He had the stenosis in seven vertebrae. He has not regained the mobility he lost so if you decide that the operation is an option, try and make this decision as soon as possible to ensure that what mobility you do have, remains. Also, physiotherapy (which he declined) is very important too.

    I hope I have been helpful.

    God bless

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    This, too, is my disabling diagnosis. Mine is in the LS spine, too; it COULD be in my cervical spine, too, but I only had an MRI of the LS spine, so I wouldn't know. My Neurologist says that I may have even been born with this, but had no real problems with it until I got older and had degenerative arthropathy, too. My current meds and inactive status have made my pain bearable, but the doc wanted me to have a series of three epidural injections, which I just cannot afford at this time. My hubby and I are both out of work~ my LTD was denied due to lack of information from the docs, so I've worked my tail off trying to fix that. My husband has no STD at work, so we've had no income for two months now. This is rough. I've even had to "hold off" on many of my meds because of this. What samples the office had, I asked for.
    Have you been offered the Epidurals? I've seen many of my patients respond to them and I've seen people who got no relief. My doc says it's 50/50%.
    I am sorry. We tend to learn ways to avoid the pain, don't we? I have really learned to avoid a lot of dirty dishes, as bending and standing at the sink REALLY exacerbates my pain; so does driving or riding long distances.
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    Two of my doctors told me NOT to have any surgery until my arms and legs go numb, I lose control of bodily functions, and I am no longer able to walk.

    This is because the surgery is not always a success. They said not to have surgery until I was ready to accept being in a wheelchair for life if it didn't work.

    I just completed the 3 spinal epidurals. They worked for only a couple weeks. At $1500 each for just the hospital's outpatient cost, I don't think I will be trying them again.

    I'm still in pain, too.
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    Hi CactusLil',
    I had spinal stenosis in the cervical area. C2 to C7. The best way my neurologist explained it to me was my spinal column was growing up around my spinal cord. If I had not had surgery, eventually (don't know how soon) I would have become paralyzed. In October I had fusion done on C3 and C4 and had the column reamed out. Did wonderful with the surgery and am virtually painfree in the neck area. I know I will eventually have to have it in lumbar region and thoracic region, but one step at a time. Only side effect is I now set off metal detectors because of plates in my neck. If you would like to email me I will discuss this further with you. bylker@tislinkdotcom. Will delete this as soon as you have read it. Be glad to help in any way.