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    hi gang. What do you think about orbs. Little round lights that show up in pictures and they are spirits. I really beleive in them. Today I took a picture of my dogs to send my ex husband. The dogs were lying on my bed which happens to be full of stuff from the house that my ex's parents lived in. His mom died 2 1/2 years ago and his dad died in July of this year. I also lost a close family member in Sept and I have some of her jewellry in my bedroom. There were 6 orbs in my room. One of them showed up in the mirror from my father in laws house. The orb was very bright. What do you guys think about orbs. Any one else had them show up in pictures. I think its so cool.
    hugs, poodlemum
    just wanted to add that I changed my profile to show the picture I took today with the orbs in it. In the mirror you will see a bright one and to the right of the room there are about 4 faint ones.[This Message was Edited on 10/27/2005]
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    I did try again later in the day and took five pictures in my bedroom and two of the pictures had orbs. Not as many and not nearly as bright as the one in the mirror. Go on the net and put orb in the address. You will see tons of pictures just like mine. I had no idea that would show up. I just wanted to take a picture of the dogs to send my ex husband. Its both his parents that died , his dad just this summer. My room is full of things from their house.
    hugs poodlemum
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    I find orbs facinating too. I do think sometimes its just from the camera but I think a lot of them are legit. That one on the mirror is definetly a real orb. I have looked at sites about orbs too and sometimes you can even see a face in them.

    I have taken pictures with them too. The best one we have my son took at a christian summer camp. They had a dance and he took a picture and the room above the people on the dance floor was full of orbs. It was amazing. Their was probably about 10 to 15 on that picture.
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    Not to be a negative or anything, but couldn't they just be reflections of stuff in the mirror. Like a metal door handle that's reflected off something else and then into the mirror? Like you know, bending light through a prism reflects it somewhere else. could this be the same sorta thing?
    I've never heard of orbs before...
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    thanks for your replys. Kate the one in the mirror is just above the bed post relfected in the mirror. its very bright. you need to enlarge the picture to get the best effect of the others. To those of you who are not sure just put in orbs on the internet and you will get tons of info on them. I think its very comforting. I have had 3 very close family members pass , 2 of them this summer and I feel their presence. I am a beleiver . We are not the only energy on this earth .
    hugs, poodlemum
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    I think that alot of stuff on photo's is from dust, light refragment, water etc.. But that they look 'different' to actual Orb's ;)
    I've seen an awesome one on a pic of a little girl that was taken at a BBQ. The orb was amazing & seemed to be eminating from her body. It had tenticles of light stretched out from her body in a circular motion like a sun.
    Noone seemed to be able to explain what it was or how it had happened. Truly amazing ;)
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    I watched a special on the Discovery channel not too long ago that talked about Orbs - it was the first time I had heard of such a thing. It is very interesting and I would say the orbs they showed would be just like yours. I don't know what to think but I can't say that I don't believe.

    I think it is neat.


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    Wonder if these Orbs have fibromyalgia?
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    I saw something really amazing a few years back.A lady I worked with was at a wedding shower for her neice. She was taking pictures of the day. Her nieces father died many years ago so he was not able to be at her wedding. When my co worker went and developed the film in one of the pictures there was a tv in the background behind the neice. The tv was not turned on. There was the face of this man in it looking very sad. It was a very clear vision of a face, not cloudy or blurred. The neice dug out some old family photos and found the man in the tv was her father. That picture sent chills down my back. It was the spookiest thing I ever saw.
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    My daughter is a member of a ghost hunting group. They take photos in darkness after getting a cold reading on some kind of thermometer thingy ( no, that's not the technical term for it!) and in complete darkness will get orbs and swooshes of light. It's interesting to look at them cause you really can see faces sometimes. My daughter has always been kind of in tune with that sort of stuff. The day after a party she had recently she was showing me photos she had taken, we both noticed an orb in one of them and wondered why it was there. About 20 minutes later she got a phone call telling her that her friend Mike had been killed. The photo with the orb in it was of him. We've decided it must have been a spirit coming to show him to the other side. I know people think it's nutty but I've always been a believer in such things.
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    if they are orbs or not.. ( I do believe in the spiritual world..) But.. just wanted to mention.. you have a really classy bedroom!! Nice!
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    thank you for sharing your picture. I have had a few photos with orbs. But, more significant, I think is that
    when my first husband died, I walked down the street and actually saw an orb sitting in a bush. At other times, I have seen one on the ceiling gradually moving and another on the wall. Who knows what it is, but the first experience convinced me.

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    Yes I am a Christian. I love halloween. Its a fun time to dress silly and get candy. Where I live the neighborhood goes all out for the kids. They decorate the houses and have a laugh. My grandaughters are going to be ferries and my grandson is a pumpkin. I have never looked on it as evil. Its about dressing as someone different that day and meeting the neighbours and giving out candy. As for ouija bords and that type of things, I stay far away from it. I foolishy tampered with it many years ago and had some scary experiences so your right no that one. I had the priest from my church give me holy water and blessed my house. So no more of that stuff for me. As for the orbs, I just took the picture and they were there. I believe in the power of God, the power of Jesus and that there are many powers out there. Im but a little speck in the world of many beings. I respect there space and they respect mine. By the way the picture of your doggy is adorable.
    hugs poodlemum

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    Most orbs in pictures are dust particles caught on camera that are eighter kicked up or falling from the celing and reflect light, especially from a flash. If you see them with the naked eye that seems to be differnt.
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    I have done a bit of "ghosting". Had some of my stories published in books and right now am in a group kind of like TAPS on tv.

    What many people feel are orbs is actually dust or moisture. But some orbs are real and myself and others trained in it can clearly tell the difference.

    One time, we went to Gettysburg and did our ghosting at night. I went to where the "fighting Irish" regiment was dug in during the battle, we took some pics and then I started singing an Irish diddy and then the pics showed that orbs came to me. I had about 4 or 5 of them surrounding me when I sang to them. They were real orbs, not the atmosperic kind.

    Simplified, Orbs are the spirit's way of moving about. It's their energy condensed.
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