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    First thank you so much for answering about the d-ribose, I must admit to be a bit dissapointed as I would hate to take the recommended dosage if it caused you to be jittery, would fear a return of panic attacks, still you mention recovery, I would be so grateful were you to tell me what you did to bring this on, I am at my worst right now and utterly discouraged, my husband drove to Toronto yesterday to get ribose that we could not get in Hamilton as he had never seen me so utterly down and we were hoping this might provee to be the magic solution we have been waiting for, We just moved into a new house last month and had major plumbing problems last week , all in all I did too much physical work and now feel I will never get better, when I get this sore and tired I am afraid that I won't recover, any advice? THANK'S SO MUCH, MICHELINE
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    Sorry to hear about what you're going through...so common to all of us. If you want to read about my recovery, do a search on this site for "Progress Notes"...you'll see my last two postings on what I've been doing. It's long and detailed, I hope you find something of value in it.

    As far as the DRibose. Don't take me as a good example. I only take 500mg I think because my body is doing so well. I've heard of others who take 6 to 10 grams, and it can be very beneficial...Even if it just boost's you 10%, every bit helps. It's not a cure, just some extra help, but then we're all so different and it just may be the thing for you. You won't know until you try it out...

    Other issues to look at if you havn't already. Are you sleeping well? You need to address that, it's very important. Did you get your hormone levels checked? Also important. Infections? Blood clotting issues? Immune system? Diet (alkaline diet?)...all need to be looked at and you'll find a lot of help and information on this site. Welcome and Good luck...

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