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    I recently tried the FFC and my diagnosis sounds much like yours. Hormone imbalance primarily. they want me to start hydrocortisone and t3 first, but I am nervous about putting anything into my body.

    What was your experience with hydrocortisone and t3? Did they cause any problems for you? How much did you take and for how long? Did you crash when you went off the t3 and cortisol?
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    I wouldn't worry about the T3 at all. You probably really need it. They will start you off at a small dose, probably, 25mcg and stablize you on it for a week or two before raising the dose. The idea is to find the highest dose you can handle without feeling wired and jittery.

    As far as hydrocortisone, I've never used it. My wife was on it for a while but she felt funny at first. She used it for a while and then stopped since she wasn't really benefiting from it. If you are very low on cortisol then by all means take it but I would prefer to go the route of supporting the adrenals in other ways. I use 50mg pregnenalone (you can buy it on the internet) and drink a small glass of salt water in the morning. I also drink one cup of licorice tea every day lately and find it really helps my adrenals as well. This way I'm not just supporting my cortisol levels but all the other hormones (there are about 50) that the adrenals produce, particularly aldosterone which helps to keep sodium levels up (when our adrenals get burned out we can't maintain our sodium levels which is crucial to pretty much everything the body does).

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    Thanks for the reply Spirit.

    How long were you on the T3 and what was your highest dose? When you stopped it, did you gradually come down or did you quit cold turkey? I've heard it can take quite a while for the thyroid to recover (if ever) after stopping T3.

    I am supposed to start at 10mcg, go to 25 after 10 days, then 37.5 and then 50 for quite a while.
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    My highest dose was only 50mcg. It's not uncommon to need 100 to 200mcg. It really depends on what your lab results are showing and how low you are. I went up to 50 and was there for a while, then I found it was too much and went to 37.5, then it kept dropping from there until last summmer I was completely off it for about 3 months. Now I'm taking a little again, about 15mcg. I've found as I go through periods of stress I need a little again, but I'm hoping to be off it soon once more. One thing though, is I would advise taking some amount of selenium along with it, unless you're sure you have adequate selenium in your body through a hair mineral analysis. Selenium helps to protect the thryoid from getting burned out.

    Here's a good article on iodine/selenium and the thyroid.