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    Thanks for the reply to my other message regarding armour.

    I quit the armour after one week due to feeling much worse. I began testosterone after stopping the armour. 100mg/ml twice per day. I seem to feel a little better, but not a lot. My doc wnat s me on both simutaneously, but I am cautious about putting anything in my body after having a terrible reaction to an antibiotic.

    Can you give me a bit more info on your situation? Did you have any pain with your CFS prior to starting the hormones? Which hormones are you on, for how long and how much? What have the hormones helped.

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    See my posting a few days ago about my

    "Progress Notes 4 months after starting at FFC"

    It pretty much explains everything I've been doing hormonaly and otherwise.

    The link to the posting is below


    As far as being on both hormones start with one at a time for maybe a week or so and then layer the next one on. You want to be able to see the effect each on is having before moving to the next, otherwise you're going to have a tougher time adujusting to the levels you need.

    The most difficult one to get right is the Thyroid. Start with a low dose and move up to the next dose every 5 or 10 days. Thyroid hormones build up in the system after a few days so you don't want to up the dose to quickly. And as far as Armour, I've heard a lot of not so great things about it, primarily because the doses are not accurate. I would go with a synthetic T4 or T3. I'm was on a compounded time release T3 and it worked just great. But, now (after 4 months of use) I'm completely off Thyroid hormones and don't need them anymore, I think due to the Testosterone and Growth Hormone treatments.

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