Spirulina/Algea and Mold?

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    I read on here that some people have been helped by taking Spirulina/algae. I bought some, but am concerned about taking it becuase I am severly allergic to mold, and am trying to detox from exposure to toxic mold and resulting illness. Does anyone know if it is a good idea to take algea when ill from and/or allergic to mold?
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    because im in the same situation and think that mold is making me even more sick -- let me know if anyone knows anything about this!
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    Hi krock and babyk902,

    I wish I knew the answer to this. I remember one person whose nickname was 545 taking some stuff like this and he did suffer from toxic mold poisoning and Lyme disease both.

    I take chlorella myself, which is another tiny green plant.

    So far, what I've been able to find online about it is that if Spirulina or blue-green algae is collected from the wild, there is a small chance that there might be one of the bad species of blue green algae mixed in with it.

    It sounds like blue-green algae is a lot like mushrooms. There are some edible species, and some poisonous species.

    The poisonous species of blue-green algae make a biological neurotoxin, which is also what toxic mold makes. If you happen to have a multi-susceptible HLA-DR genotype, then the poison blue-green algae makes would be especially problematic for you.

    So it sounds like it would be important to buy your Spirulina and blue-green algae from a very reputable company with good quality control. Or even a company that grows the plants on a farm instead of collects them in the wild.

    In other websites, I've read that these products are helpful for people who are detoxing. They didn't say if they meant detoxing from poisons or heavy metals. It sounds like Spirulina and blue-green algae don't contain mold, so it seems like they would be safe from the allergy standpoint.

    If you decide to try them, could you let us know how they are? If they agree with you, and if they are helpful? Thanks!

    I can say that chlorella has been agreeable to me. I've taken a small amount of it for years.


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