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  1. dazedconfused

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    I asked the family doctors office for a copy of the report on my ultrasound after they told me my blood is fine and I have a smaller than normal kidney. They schedule me an appt. with a doctor for my kidneys. I looked at the report and it also says my spleen is enlarged it is 14cm. So I made an appt. with the gastro. doctor for Feb. 6, 2006.

    I was just wondering if anyone else has had problems with an enlarged spleen.

    Thanks for responding.
  2. jane32

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    but they told me that can come with infections or viruses when the body is trying to fight something and I am fighting EBV so they told me not to worry. I seemed more concerned then my drs. They said there is nothing they can do unless I start to have lots of pain and then you need to have it taken out. I had an MRI, CT and an ultrasound to double check. Let me know what your gastro says.
  3. kalley167

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    several times by doctors that my spleen is enlarged. And it hurts me when I am in a flare, when I am feeling as if the bottom has dropped out. But Know doctor has been to excited about it.
  4. GBHope

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    when she had CMV mono. Not fun. She was really sick.

  5. dazedconfused

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    Sorry, but I don't know what EBV is. Can you please shed light. My Fibro dr. says that whatever is causing the enlarge spleen might be agravating the fibro.


    Still dazed and confused but learning.
  6. jane32

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    it is Epstein Barr. a lot of people with CFS have been tested for it and are positive. Most traditional drs. don't believe in it.
  7. Cromwell

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    enlarges the spleen. You need not to be lifting anything and resting up when spleen is enlarged. Kidneys can be odd sizes with no problem I understand.
    Let us know.
  8. 69mach1

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    i haave had mono when i was a teen.. .they really didn't know what it was...they told him i had hepatitus non a and non b...put in quartine fo r month and put on prednisone...extremely anemic...

    well dealt with i bilirubin until i had my spleen taken out when i was 29 years old...what a relief for me..and they took out my gallbladder...

    so what i have is a hereditary blood disease called spyhereocytosis, irregular shapeded red blood cells...my spleen was normal.. but it was enlarged because it was trying to get rid o f my red blood cells, making me anemic, and causes gall stones...you would n't know what i had gone thru to get this dx for years...

    but they only need to look at a lab slide to figure it out..it is usually in famlies from mediteraen ethnic back grounds...

  9. dazedconfused

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    I have the blood report here too. I just don't know what it all means. The only things it says are abnormal is anion gap it 4 low,normal range is 6-16 and MPV is 10.7 High, normal range is 7.4-10.4 everything else says it is in the normal range.

    As far as red spots and bruising, I do have red spots on my arm they look like I scratched but they didn't bleed, the blood is under the skin. I must be doing this in my sleep because I will go to bed and wake up with new ones. My "really good" Fribro. doctor didn't seem too concerned with it when I showed it to him. I have noticed a couple of bruises in unusual places here lately.

    Thanks for your reply