splenda causing muscle pain

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    My daughter found an article on the computer that Splenda can cause muscle pain in the legs and knee pain, plus many other reactions, rash, etc. I went "cold turkey" off my splenda and I have to say that my FM is going through only mild achiness instead of intense pain. Coincidence? I don't know.....Anyone else try going off of it and having good results? :) cb
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    I've done some research on this. One does not have to look far to have their hair stand on end. Some things that bother me about Splenda are that it's toxic to lab animals, practically untested on humans, in the same chemical class as DDT and PCB, and at least 15% is absorbed into the body. It's effect on rats was to shrink their thymus glands, the glad associated with immue function, and cause liver inflamation. Many people do have bad reactions to Splenda. There has been so little testing done before Splenda received FDA approval that the public is the testing ground for it.

    Mercola has some good information on Splenda. Or type "splenda chlorine" into a search - Splenda is sucrose with chlorine molecules attatched.
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    Splenda cramps my stomach with gas. Oh, the cookies or ice cream is good, but I pay for it.
    I now keep to aspertame.
    Sorbitol also cramps me.

    So many products new & old have splenda now. I have to really read the product label on Diet Cokes. So far, I can still get those with Aspertame.
    And yes...I know there are controversies over Aspertame too!
    But, I ain't gonna give up on my diet DP's or Cokes!!!(lol)

    take care,
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    I feel like throwing up after I eat something with Slenda in. I also look for the cokes with aspertan in them. They must know this or why would they have come out with both and not just switch them all to Splenda.

    Slimfast also has products with Splenda and others with aspertan. Of course, the ones with Splenda are twice the price.

    Now they make brown sugar from Splenda, so eventually, we may not know how many things have been made with it. This one scares me.

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    give us body pains because of the chemicals....most FMS/CFS people dont realize they are really chemically sensitive and should stay away from all processed foods...it will help many peoples pain go down..
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    All artificial sweeteners (execpt maybe Stevia) are IBS triggers so Fibromites should stay well away from them.

    I can't have any sweeteners or I get so sick, crampy and achey.
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    I use stevia as a sweetener without any bad effects: I can get it processed from the health shop but I have now bought a little bush of it and it is growing on the back verandah. I put 1/4 leaf in my coffee and it is qw sweet as two heaped teaspoons. But I do end up with a small green soggy 1/4 leaf in the cup. Am not yet brave enough to do it at the coffee shop.
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    I bought a chilled, bottled fruit water one day, thinking because it said natural on the front, it would not have any artificial sweetener in it.

    I gave a sip to my son. He made a face and refused it. So I decided to drink it. I took no more than two swallows -- and I felt like my throat was on fire! I looked at the bottle. Absolutely no warning that the product contained Splenda.

    Splenda requires no special labeling! It left me hoarse with a raw throat. I called into the company, and they said -- "Go see a doctor." Ugh!

    The companies themselves know that some people have negative reactions to Splenda. But they won't label the product if the FDA says they don't have to.

    How did Splenda get approved? I heard it was because someone from McNeil (the makers of Splenda) married someone in a key position at the FDA. Repulsive.

    I have a link to the actual PDF files for the Splenda tests, but I don't think I can post it here.

    In it, I discovered that many of the animals that ate Splenda ~gained~ weight. One type of animal lost weight -- because they refused to eat the Splenda! So they reran the test, force feeding the animals. Then they gained weight. So much for Splenda being touted as a weight loss product.

    Read the fine print on ingredients. They're putting Splenda in EVERYTHING and marketing this chlorine sweetener to CHILDREN. If you see the word sucralose, that's Splenda. They picked the name sucralose because it ends in "-ose" like other natural sources of sugar, for instance, fructose. The name is just a game. Sucralose is an ~artificial~ sweetener.

    I don't mind if adults or even diabetic children make an educated choice to use Splenda. But I think those of us who are negatively impacted by sucralose need fair warning on the labels. And I absolutely HATE McNeil for marketing an artificial sweetener to children. They've successfully "tricked" a lot of parents into thinking the product is safe ("Made from sugar so it tastes like sugar.") Now it's everywhere in kids products. Makes me sick to my stomach.
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    I have to say, I have Splenda in my coffee every morning (1 large cup). I was told to try Stevia instead. The Splenda flares up my IBS quickly. I did go cold turkey for almost 2 weeks and actually felt much better, but I thought it was because I cut out all my carbs. I have gone back to the carbs and my coffee with Splenda and feel worse again. Guess it may be the Splenda, or a combination of both. My muscles hurt more in my shoulders and upper back..
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    I've been off all artificial sweetners for about 2 months now and I've noticed an improvement in my overall pain.

    Not sure if it's the stop useage or not, but I'm giving it up for good.

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    Only can find it in whole food or health food stores. I can also use raw honey. Stevia also works for me.

    I think the problem with us is that we are very chemical sensitive and anything that is processed is hard for our bodies, ie mucsles to ingest. Our world is so filled with toxic stuff.

    I find that too much of anything (especially sweet stuff) is not a good thing for me, but in moderation I use natural everything I can find.

    Every day seems to be an education in what is good and what isn't.

    Good luck!!

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    and had there not been such a public outcry many other herbs and supps would have been too. Our access to many of them is still at risk.

    So we cannnot buy Stevia, nor can we import it; but we can buy potentially harmful Splenda and aspartame.

    On the rare occassions I want to sweeten something I use xylitol, which thankfully is available here but it's expensive.


    I am sure this action to prevent UK residents reading info on Splenda on Dr Mercola's web site will draw even more attention to it's potential risks. If the manufacturers have nothing to hide, and they are genuinely confident Splenda is safe, they would have not resorted to taking this action.

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    I never heard of it. My husband also is a diabetic and I'm concerned about him using Splenda. (I just went back to regular sugar for now.) Can you tell me aboout it and where do I get it? Thanks for all your messages!CB
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    What would I do without this site? I learn so much here. Thanks, everyone.

    I knew that my body could not tolerate aspertame, but I was under the impression that "the yellow crap" was okay. Maybe that has something to do with why my stomach has been so sick for so many months....I'll give it up and we'll just have to see. Not to mention the pain. Who knows?
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    but then agan, I am in severe pain, and fatigue despite what I eat and what i do not eat. Used to put it in my green tea, but have not had that in awhile. Had corn flakes and added to milk yesterday. Remember feeling fibro fog.

    To be honest, I have not done a lot of research on Splenda,know that Diet rite and Rc put this in their sodas and they are constantly out when we shop. I do know that drinking or eating anything with aspartame is a death sentence. Pain is horrible if that can be possible from where it is now. I also get severe fatigue if I eat chocolate.

    I wonder if Stevia is any better or worse too? Getting to the point that I drink water, but would like variety. If I drink too much milk, I wake up with phelgm, and that lump thing in my throat, would like variety. What else is there, as far as soft drinks?

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    ...the truth about splenda dot com to most of my personal email list so that we can all change our eating habits...it's always something, ya know?
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    FYI, anti-Splenda sites are backed by the sugar industry and those trying to sell their books and supplements. Not everything on the internet is true...........

    However people are allergic to chlorine, I suspect that is what most of us suffer from, chlorine allergy
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    Of course, it makes sense that many of the anti-Splenda sites are funded by the sugar industry...but not all of them.

    I've only had Fibro for the last four years, shortly after I began to take Effexor. But I get the feeling that that's also how long that Splenda has been my sweetener of choice.

    What did you mean when you said that you thought that most of us are allergic to chlorine? I know I'm not fond of it, never have been.