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  1. Kim

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    I'm concerned that this ingredient (in all Atkins packaged products) is having a very bad effect on me. I was doing better on an antidepressant and I started eating Atkins bars and using Splenda in June, I think. My depression is back worse than ever and I'm so irritable (something I've never experienced before). My energy is gone, and I feel close to the edge. The dizziness is worse (although that's been with me long before Splenda).

  2. kellym

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    Dear Kim,
    I sorry to hear you are having such difficulties possibly associated with Splenda. I love the stuff. I'm not on Atkins, but other companies have started using it. I haven't noticed any ill side effects, in fact I've only felt better since switching to Splenda. I had the depression and dizziness before Splenda too, but they haven't gotten worse. If it affects you like that, maybe you should try not using it and see if you feel any better.
    Good luck,
  3. dolsgirl

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    and don't have a problem w/it, or Equal. dolsgirl
  4. Pindooca

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    Can't say I've suffered any ill-effects from it. I love the taste. So much bad press out there about asparteme these days.

    But each of us can tolerate different things. Do what your body tells you to.
  5. Mikie

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    Chlorine could well be the cause if you are eating a lot of stuff with the Splenda in it. You might try the Suzanne Somers SomerSweet. I believe it to be safer than splenda, but I am not sure it is totally safe. The only really safe alternative is stevia and it does have an aftertaste and doesn' taste exactly like sugar.

    I would go off the Splenda products and see what happens. If you are eating a lot of stuff with soy in it, it may be inhibiting your thyroid too. I know that Atkins uses soy in his low-carb breads and baking mixes.

    Love, Mikie
  6. klutzo

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    is the only totally safe sweetner. You can get it in your health food store.
  7. kgtexan

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    Are you following the Atkins diet or just eating some of their products? My niece went on the Atkins diet and started having severe dizziness. She wasn't using any of the bars or prepared products, just following the diet plan for food. She found info saying that the Atkins diet plan can cause dizziness in some people. I don't know the reason why, as I have not researched it myself. Is it possible that Splenda is not the cause, but rather the diet? I hope you find the answer soon. Dizziness is miserable.

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    I experienced dizziness this time around on the Atkins diet, and discovered from the book that some people have difficulty cutting their carbs so severely and need to add more. That was my problem. The older I get, the more resistant my system seems to get to everything. I used to be able to do the induction part of the Atkins diet and work fulltime month after month and it didn't bother me abit. Now it's almost knocks me off my feet.

    Marilyn :)
  9. Kim

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    I used Stevia for years. Also had dizziness before Atkins. I'm not overweight, just don't want to get fat and thought that modified Atkins would be good for my health in general.

    I think the dizziness might be a byproduct of depression....I've always manifested somataform.....

    Classes begin next week and I'm a professor making decent money and very worried about not being able to teach.

    The Remeron brought it under control for a few months but many of my symptoms are out of control.

    Thanks for input

  10. dontlikeliver

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    Splenda isn't any healthier than any of the other synthetic sweeteners, I don't think.

    I used it quite a lot from 1998-2002. I don't know if I suffered any side effects, but then it's hard to say because during that time I was going downhill - which of that downhill was possibly caused by Splenda use, I dont know.

    There is a bit of info out there on the net about Splenda and I found there was enough scary stuff to stop me using it.

    It is chlorinated (contains chlorine) and I know I don't even like cleaning with bleach as I feel it's too toxic. So, I sure don't want to be eating something containing it.