Spondylosis, anyone have this??????

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by laura81655, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    Hi all, I had an MRI a couple of weeks ago and the doctor's nurse called me to request an MRI I had two years ago to give to the Radiologist to compare. I guess it said I have Spondylosis? I think it's either Stenosis or degenerative disks? Anyone else shed some light concerning this?

  2. risinforce

    risinforce New Member

    I have Grade One Spodylosis at my L5/S4 as well as degenerative disc disease as they call it. Hurts like crazy. Have had two epidurals for it. One took, one didn't. The one that didn't was because the doc didn't use a video thing where they could see where they were sticking the needle. When they use the video it is a piece of cake. Takes like 20 mins and doesn't hurt.

    It helps a bit too. The first couple hours are great cause you can't feel much at all. I did Physical Therapy as well but you have to make sure you get a good therapist if you have Fibro or any other condition. Otherwise they can mess you up. Push you too hard etc. I went to this guy who was awesome. One time he just gave me a message because I had a migraine and he knew I couldn't take the therapy. No, he wasn't creepy he was a Christian and a gentleman.

    I wish you well. It is something that is only corrected by surgery if I'm not mistaken. I would think they'd send you to an Orthopedic doc at this point. That would be who you would want to see. Depending on age they may just want you to keep your core (abs) as strong as possible to help naturally hold the back tight.

    Hugs to you, I understand your pain.
  3. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    Thanks for your kind response. I am 50 and I was told at 35 I may need a laminectomy around my age now. The pain isn't bad enough to do surgery, especially since I have FM along with this.

    I wasn't really having much pain there except my feet pain have been killing me and the doctor thought it might be coming from my back. With Fibro, who knows????

  4. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    So sorry you are having extreme pain, I have too in the past but I have heard so many bad things about back surgery!! I hope you can find something that will help you!!

  5. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    how it goes with the new Doctor. I would probably have three opinions before surgery. I did back when I was 35, and two doctors said maybe a 70% chance of doing better and one guy said not to have it at all, so I didn't. Just a lot of ups and down since, certainly NO Picnic....I understand how you feel.

  6. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Had severe symptoms and neurological deficits from this for years but it was only confirmed through a MRI this year.

    I found reducing my inflammation generally helped, the PT discovered two of the exercises I was given were making matters worse, my new programme is finally bringing about modest improvements.

    The incidence of scolioisis, spondylosis, stenosis, degenerative disc disease and head/neck/spine trauma is high in these DDs especially FM.

  7. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Yes, I do.

    I couldn't have an MRI to diagnose my back problems since I have a pacemaker, so I had a CT scan. I am allergic to the dye needed for the CT, so it was done without dye, and this is still what they found wrong with my back: (!)

    * Cervical Spine: degenerative disks, bulging disks, thecal sac effacement, bone spurs, paramedian disk herniation, moderate spinal canal stenosis, compression of exiting nerve root, severe cervical spondylosis, and facet arthropathy;

    * Thoracic Spine: bone spurs, arthritis;

    * Lumbar Spine: pinched nerve between L4-L5 & S1, degenerative disk disease, spinal canal stenosis, impingement in anterior subarachnoid space, and severe degenerative osteoarthritis of facet joints),

    * and mild Osteoporosis of the spine.

    The pinched nerve in my lumbar spine is a real source of pain. The pain is horrific most days, and it prevents me from walking and standing up.

    I went to a chiropractor for about 15 visits to see if he could "unpinch" the nerve in my back, but no such luck. The treatments on a "roller bed" were murder on my back. I have given that type of treatment up and I am now just sitting on a heating pad all day.

    Before the pinched nerve happened, I had a lot of pain and had 3 different Lumbar Epidural Spinal Injections. The first one helped for about 2 weeks and the other 2 did not help at all.

    I've been to an orthopedic surgeon and he advised no surgery YET. My daugher is a physician and she told me to NOT have back surgery until I was unable to cope with the pain any longer and ready to accept the POSSIBILITY of being in a wheelchair for the rest of my life if something went wrong in the back surgery!

  8. sunshine54

    sunshine54 New Member


    I've had two surgeries in my neck. 5/05 ACDF on C6-C7 and with a different neurosurgeon on 11/29 ACDF on C5-C6 and he put a plate and screws in at C6-C7 and also C5-C6. Use a bone growth stimulator for 4 hours every day. Had burning pain in between shoulder blades which has now turned to like electrical shocks. Both arms and hands are still hurting as bad as before both surgeries (rear ended 3/14/05). That's the cervical spondylosis.

    Having another Lumbar MRI next Friday as my left foot stays completely numb and has pins and needles on top and the bottom of it is red.

    Bulging disks are quite prominent up and down my spine along with bone spurs.

    Do not drive as unable to turn my neck. Use a cane to walk with and when my hubby takes me grocery shopping I use the scooters at the store to get around with. Almost completely home bound. Filed for disability in 4/05. Received denial letter for Christmas present. Have attorney and am appealing.

    Happy New Year!

  9. amejia

    amejia New Member

    I was recently dx with Anklyosin Spondolosis (sp?) after being told I had FM and RA and so on. I finally went to the u of m and he knew what it was right away because of my freqent headaches and stiff neck, loss of range of movement in my kneck and costo problems in my ribs and sternum.

    My latest attempt was anti biotics with no luck, for pain I am on vico. But I go to see him in Jan and I need soemthing more. Because I feel like my life is getting smaller and smaller because I am losing things I can do or feel like doing left and right. I am really unable to do alot of the things I used to do.

  10. laura81655

    laura81655 New Member

    I know what all of you have been going through to some extent. I have been in bed from it for months and some years I could walk and hike.

    Chocolat....walking has been the only exercise that I could do for my lumbar spine. If I stopped walking( like I have to now because of my feet) it has flared up again, so I'm not sure what I am gonna do. The walking helped strengthen those muscles.

    I go to a warm therapy pool, but it hasn't helped my back so far. I'll we can do is fight and keep trying.....

    Please take care,


    P.S. I am also taking 10mg. of Cortisol from the Compounding Pharmacy which has helped the pain somewhat.
  11. charming

    charming New Member

    Im going thru the same thing disc touching disc from T10- , L1-5 and sacrum I don't know what my options are but the X-ray I taken in August 08 shows no spaces inbetween disc I take another X-ray of my pelvic and a MRI of my spine on the 17th this month and won't know my options until then and I think that in this position if I make one wrong jerk or twist I can be paralyzed then or if I risk it for spinal injections or soinal surgery, my physical thearapist told me not to sweep , mop or vacumm so that tells me it serious.

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