Spotted Fever anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nan2dance, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. nan2dance

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    Has anyone out there been diagnosed with Spotted Fever? Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Mediterranean Spotted Fever? Fievre Boutonneuse? Button Fever?

    I was diagnosed a while back. I think I had this first. It went undiagnosed which I believe is what precipitated the CFS/FM for me.

    It is a tick-borne illness, no relation to Lyme. It's a rickettsial illness. Treated with a course or two of anti-virals, or anti-bacterials. Really, I don't remember what I took now.

    Anyway, I'd like to know if anyone out there has experience with this. What do you know about it vis a vis CFS and FM? What was it like for you? What symptoms do you still deal with and what is the CFS/FM?

    I don't know. I guess I just thought someone who's dealt with both CFS/FM and spotted fever might be out there with opinions and ideas.

  2. kimymae

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    I was in the hospital for 2 weeks, 2 yrs. ago, they did not know what was wrong with me. I had large red spots from head to toe, my whole body was swollen and I itched, constantly, so bad, all over, that I could have itched my skin off!!!!!!!!!!!!!The first week in the hospital I did not sleep, I itched 24/7, I felt so bad I just wanted to die. It has been 2 yrs., and I still itch in certain places, but now red spots or swelling, and the itch is not as bad. They did all kinds of tests, and the only thing the said was it could be Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and that I could get it again. Did you have this also???

  3. nan2dance

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    Wow, Darlene, I really didn't think I'd get a reply to this post. I'm kind of sorry I did - for your sake.

    First of all, I was diagnosed by a blood test for "rickettsia" which is the little bugger which causes spotted fever. I tested positive and the doctor put me on a course of hefty anti-...anti-...biotics? or virals? I'm sorry, at the moment I don't remember. I followed it with another course of a different anti-whatever to be sure it was out of my system. So, they shouldn't have to guess at a diagnosis. It sounds from your post like they didn't do the rickettsia blood test? You might want to check this out and get a definitive diagnosis because there is a clear course of treatment. Since you're on this board I'm guessing that you also have CFS or Fibromyalgia. Supposedly a lot of things will test positive even though you don't have them when you have CFS/FM. It's called a "false positive". I was told by my doc that it is impossible to get a false positive for Spotted Fever. If you test positive it's because you have or have had spotted fever. Is that how your CFS/FM started?

    Second, I was diagnosed years after being sick with the CFS and FM. Looking back I don't remember having the spots or the itching which is weird because it's a pretty big deal for Spotted Fever! But it turns out it is possible to have all the other symptoms and no itching. So my heart goes out to you for your suffering but I can't say I went through that part of RMSF. But we believe I got a different variety - Mediterranean Spotted Fever - since I got sick while working outdoors in rural Southern Europe. Maybe it doesn't itch so much? For that matter, I don't remember getting bitten by a tick either and that's how you catch it.

    I can't find much written about the long-term effects of untreated RMSF. But the illness itself seems to share a lot with CFS and FM. I'm glad they took care of you in the hospital.


  4. jane32

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    I thought that is what I have been no infectious disease dr. every found anything-I saw four! I was diagnosed with CFS after 8 months of being sick.
  5. nan2dance

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    I've bookmarked every one of them. I did research before but there was little information about long-term effects. Scanning through what you sent me I found some things that might be helpful. Incidentally, a couple of the links you sent included information on brucellosis, another thing I was diagnosed with earlier on. I'm tired at the moment so it strikes me as weird that brucellosis, RMSF and, yes, CFS and FM are being lumped together in some of these research papers. Must read more closely later when awake and see what the ** is going on. Technically, i've been treated for both the brucellosis and the RMSF so I shouldn't have to self-advocate much. But the long-term implications are freaking me out a little. But it could ultimately help me understand what is going on with this weird thing that is CFS/FM. Must go lie back down.

    Thanks mucho. I guess I should reresearch a little.


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