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    HI all has anyone, had good days and someone say , boy your doing great for someone disabled??? well my spouse and I went to the beach yesterday(florida) I have been walking for a few months now and have worked my way up to a block or so, start off slow and try to push myself by walking a little faster. To make a long story short. ..
    I asked for spouse to walk with me /they have bad back and prob.. so they said no. I start walking , and to not focous on the pain i block out everything but the waves.
    Well spouse change there mind and got angry cause i didnt hear her. I did hear some noises, but there were kids around so i thought it was me.
    We had only been there about15 min, when i turned around she was packing up, and said ,,boy for a disabled person you can sure walk ,,,I also pay for it, cause I have to go lay down and not do much the next day. I also worked my way to walking for months, I used to go to the mailbox and thats it, So I think I've been doing ok. I know this is kinda long sorry. I told her everything i've said here, took a few mins of arguing . I know my fogginess and forgetfullness,pain, and not paying attention sometimes , gets very tiring for her, I also understand she works so hard to support me, she is frustraed,, I KNOW how much its my body and mind. Dont think we would split up cause weve been through hell and back together, and I just get fed up sometimes, Damned if you feel good, for a day , duh, and told your lazy if your having a bad one. THIS DD SUCKS
    sorry about the lang, but geeze what is a person to do.
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    my name is Claudia.
    I understand how you feel.
    My husband is pretty good about understanding, but other's are not ( friends, and family don't "get" it).
    One thing I have learned is this condition is like losing a family member.
    We have "lost" part of ourselves. We need to grieve that loss.
    Our families need to as well , even if they don't realise it.
    Part of the phases of grief, are anger and denial. I think if we are not careful we can get stuck there.
    Maybe your spouse is stuck in one or both and doesn't even realise it.
    Maybe counseling or a support system for your spouse would help.
    My husband found support on WellSpouse.org.
    Just a thought I hope it helps.
    Hang in there , remember stress is not good for you!:)
    Try to do what you can to be positive and hopefully it will rub off on those around you.:)
    I try everyday, but don't always succeed myself.:)
    We have to keep on keepin on!
    My faith and my pet's are a big help to me.
    Take care.
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    sorry you are having trouble. I know sometimes family gets so very tired of our illnesses. Maybe you could do something nice for her to let her know you care and understand. Maybe a box of her favorite chocolates, or rent a movie she loves and sit and watch it with her. Little things like that mean a lot!
    well good luck to you and I am sure you can patch it up with her!
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    My dog pulls me when i get tired,,, thanks for the support, thank god we have good communication, When I can walk i am very positive and will do a special back rub tonight :) U r right , tho it get very tiring to frieds etc
    got to focus on something else, maybe if i start now i can finish knitting those scarves for xmas for my family up north.
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    We all have these days when one thing leads to another, and this was probably the case. Pain making everyone irritable is sounds like.

    There used to be a song "We Always Hurt the One we Love"

    Anyway, I am impressed you were on the beach!!! It is freezing here in New York.

    Try and forgive one another.

    When I taught motivational classes, I used to say, "How does how you're feeling right now compare to how you'd be feeling if they just announced a nuclear bomb just dropped nearby?"

    Is anger evcer worth the extra pain. Give one another Hugs and make up.

    Love Anne C
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    Print out the "New Letter to Normals (FMS)" that "ilovecats94" just posted. It will explain exactly how you feel.