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    I just read your reply to another post about what you would have done if you'd known you'd be ill and my heart is just about breaking for you.

    I'm so sorry your family blames you but they really have no right.

    I've been ill off and on the entire time I was raising my children and we've always had a pretty wonderful time. If I was in bed, they'd join me, bring meals and we'd pretty much camp out.

    And contrary to popular belief, it won't kill anyone to have cereal for supper!!

    I'm not sure how much fun it was for them, they both seem fine with it now. My son (now 25) is so caring and compassionate since growing up with me ill. He opens doors, helps me get out of a car, or up if I'm shopping and stuck...he'd be a different man if I HADN'T been ill!!

    My daughter (although ill with a host of other problems too) has FM but she was also ok with growing up with me sick until a psychologist told her it must have been awful.

    Seriously, we had a blast most of the time, it was just in my bedroom instead of another room in the house.

    One thing I could do from bed was talk to my kids and we spent hours talking about everything under the sun.

    No one has a right to blame a medical condition on someone. None of us asked for this, none of us want it this way, it's just the way it is.

    Do your best with your son, it's all any of us can do. Your son is your gift for a reason....find out what it is and enjoy him as long as he's yours.


    Nancy B.
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    I needed that......I have depression and trouble on both sides of the family. Hubby too...I think son's trouble is depression and anger management...not me...I think family just think's it is easier to blame me.

    I do just what you did...I am here for my son all day,everyday. I try and compensate for what I am not able to do.
    I mean, honestly....ask most kids today what they want more than anything and most of them say...for my mom and dad to spend more time with me. We do! I am married to my son's father and we have a great relationship.
    I cook when I can, play playstation and surgf internet with my son and do so many things most parents don't know of.....my son's friends say I am the best mom and call me for advice.....they choose here more than they wanna be a their homes, yet somehow, my parents and my son say he cannot stand to be here (at home with me) and that he cannot take my being ill.
    He wants to get out and we are trying to get help, but it seems (unless you have $) here in FLorida, kids have to commit a crime before you get help.
    We don't know what to do with him.

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