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  1. Shirl

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    Sprayed with Virus in Iraq 05/20/03 11:15 AM

    Friend sprayed in Iraq with virus. Someone just walked up to him and sprayed him. He has been very ill for several days now since it happened. Can you believe this??
    Please pray for this family!!

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    Vicky 05/20/03 11:24 AM

    please give more information about this incident, friend, virus, so we will have a bit of understanding and context for it

    this is important . . . . has this happened to other Americans?




    Virus 05/20/03 12:35 PM

    I will find out more details. I know he is a medic. I do not know if this has happened to others. So far they are saying it was just a cold virus. Do we believe it??



    I though Iraq 05/20/03 12:40 PM

    didn't have any weapons of mass destruction? No biological warfare weapons. Or did I miss something?


    My prayers go out to your friend and his family. hopefully they will start him on antivirals early.

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    You took the words right out of my mouth MadWolf 05/20/03 12:59 PM

    They say they don't so we should believe them. NOT!!
    I only hope it is just a common cold virus and nothing more serious.
    This is weird, I haven't heard of that happening before, BUT all those places were looted and only God knows who has what in their posession.
    Heaven help us all!!


    VickyB 05/21/03 10:15 PM

    Can you please keep us posted on this one????




    Please pray for family 05/21/03 10:24 PM

    His daughter is coming to stay this weekend. I will get more information then.


    Vicky B 05/21/03 10:34 PM

    My prayers are with your friend and the family. I have a cousin in Irag so will keep watching your posts for more info. Thanks.


  2. kar1953

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    My thoughts & prayers are with you, your friend & his family. Was this an Iraqi civilian who did the spraying? Like someone else said, with all the looting, who knows what was found. Most was taken before our soldiers got a chance to check it out. This is scary.

    Keep us updated if you can.

    Take care......Kathi