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  1. sisland

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    Hi Gals!

    Ok i got brave and started the spring chat post!,,lolol,,although there is still snow on the ground it's only 2 weeks until spring officialy begins according to the calender,,,,,,

    R~~I'm glad that your Daughter gets Ily on the breaks! sounds like the dad is a loser!,,it's great that she's keeping a journal and taking photos!,,,,Maybe you and your girl can talk the judge into ordering that the check be put into an account where the dad can't have access to ,,like a savings or collage fund ,,,,,don't forget about the wreck in the journal!,,,,,so sorry that you have to worry about her saftey ,,and i know you have to vent about it!,,,that's what we're here for!,,i'll pray for Ily and her Mom!
    60's~~you just described my ex-husband in your post! thats exactly how he treated the girls over the years!,,,The Pizza for x-mas dinner is al l to familiar!,,,,,,,,as they grew up he started cooking for them alittle bit ,,,,but we were almost homeless when i came down with this DD and couldn't work and did he help NO!,,,,,wanted to watch me suffer i guess!,,,ok i'm done! whoa~~ that could open up a whole new can of worms!,,,,,,,,,,,,on a happier note The sun is shining and the birds are singing but man it's cold out!,,,,,the storm blew through here all night and cleared out the air and clouds!..
    I'm also very happy to have you girls to chat with and talk too! it has made the winter pass more quickly!,,,,so i thank-you both!!,,,,,,HUgs!,,,sis
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    Raining here today,but it didn't stop us from cooking oon the grill this afternoon! We use it year round,it taste so good to cook meat on it!
    We went to a fish fry at a church outside of Oregon last night,man was that good and FILLING! They had baked cod and fried cod,and corn,cole slaw french fries all you could eat for $9 and let me tell you I wished someone had a wheelbarrow to roll me out to the car with! Oh ya they had dessert too but I didn't go near it,to full. They have this up until Easter and do it 2 times a year.
    No we won't forget about anything in the journal sis,thanks.And thanks for praying for my girls.
    sis I hope you get warm weather soon!
    We got a couple movies to watch tonight,I don't know what they are ron picked them out. Was watching Dancing with wolves, I love that movie. Kevin Costner looks just like one of my exhusband. To bad he was an idiot!!
    60's how are you doing with your cold and ears. I hope your doing well. I always hated it when the weather turned even somewhat warm and to be sick.
  3. Can I join in? ........Spring, OMG I hate winter and so tired of dark and gloomy. The only bad thing with spring is rain and with fibro OWWW! But then summer. I am sooo looking forward to opening my doors and windows and seeing SUNSHINE! No more snow! Enough already, its been a long winter.

    Looking forward to Dancing with the stars tomorrow, even though I always don't especially know the actor dancers, I quickly get addicted. I need a life LOL!
  4. sisland

    sisland New Member

    The Fish Fry sounds wonderful robin!,,,,we had those when growing up!,,,,,my dad would go down to the creek and catch "a mess of trout",,,fyi,,thats what he called them!,,,,,,anyway my Mom could fry fish like no-one eles,,,,fryed potatoes and cornbread and coldslaw to go with!,,,,,,,So Good!!,,i really need to get a fishing license this year!,,,,,,,,,,hope you enjoyed the movies!,,,,,i love how you use the word idiot!! i giggle everytime i read it!,,,,,,there has to be a club of them somewhere,,lololo,,,,,
    Firbrobutterfly,,,welcome on in!!,,,,,Yes the dancing with the stars starts tommorow night,,,,,and spring is on it's way! YEA!!
    60's ~~~Hi!,,,,,,,,,,HUgs! Sis
  5. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    It's good to see a few more join in!! Welcome! Jump in anywhere!
    Jam,my gosh that's a lot of money for a il. of cod!!! Even if you o live in warmer weather,I have heard things are more expensive there,that's just a shame!
    Fibrobutterfly,I red your post and new what I wanted to say to you and "Puff" the fog took it away! I hate that when it happens. I will have to write things down again! Anyway welcome to our little part of the world!
    It has been rainy and miserable again today. Have even heard thunder.
    Ron and I took a ride to the dam this morning to see how many fisherman are out. Not many. I made steak and eggs and fried potatoes this morning. Gabe my grandson is here with his mom.Ron and I took a nap this afternoon. Just a lazy day.
    This evening we are going to cook ribs on the grill and I made potato salad and baked beans and a grn salad and sweet buns. Once again I won't be able to move! I think we eat to good!! No wonder I can't lose weight.
    I've been having some problems of late with a raised,itchy rash. I have been tanning to see if I can get my vit.d up,it's so low.I made appt. to my doc,then canceled. This could be Lupus, I am told it could take some time to find out for sure. I will let you's know. Say a prayer for me please. My nerves are on edge,trying not to worry though until i know for sure. We just bought a fishing boat! If i do have it i will just have to stay covered up! What fun!! (I'm being sarcastic).
    60's I hope yopu are ok,we haven't heard from you in a while. Thinking of you!
    Sis are you still snowed in?
    Hugs, Robin
  6. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    We got a couple of new people, welcome aboard.hey I love those fish fry,s too.just down home cookin.
    Sis ,I"m glad the storm is over at your place,its just mud,mud, mud here,but I guess we have to go through this to get to nice weather.
    Glad to hear from you fibobutterfly and Jam sounds like you gals a ready for spring also.
    And I'm waiting for Dancing with the stars to come back on.went to Menards,I need to buy a new grill,I miss cooking out doors,same as you Robin just taste better. I bought to spickett,s so we can make rain barrell,s for the garden.
    My poor little mare has been in her stall for 2 day,s but we just can"t ket her out in the rain and the mud. she doesn"t have much longer to go,I called and checked to make sure our vet was going to be in town around the 15-20,we lucked out she just went to Texas,she has a renning horse down there,but she"ll be back in time.
    well guys have to run.p.s. the vicks helped my ears, thanks Robin. hugs sixtyslady
  7. sisland

    sisland New Member

    It's 5 degrees and sunny today!,,,,,sounds like we are all craving thoes wonderful summer foods!,,,,i've been craving fish (Salmon) latley!,,it's 7 bucks a lb up this way, but a lb of salmon would feed me about 4 meals so thats not to bad!,,,,,I'm a big seafood lover!,,,,,crab..shrimp,,scallops,,,,cod,,,and of course trout!,,,can't wait for all the summer fruits and veggies!!,,,,thats what i live on all summer,,,and i make my own whole grain bread (now in a bread machine my Daughter and DH gave me) i love it!,,,no mixing no needing no pans to soak and extra dishes to clean!,,,,,i found if i use the rapid rise yeast it comes out better,,,,,,,,,

    R~~sounds like you had a great weekend! certianly hope the rash is nothing more than from the tanning bed,,,,i broke down and bought the tan towles,,,they are wonderful,,,,,,do you use the tanning lotion before ?,,,,,also was thinking that maybe your meds and the inferred heat combo might produce a rash,,,,,praying!

    60's,,,,What a great idea to do the spickett--rain barrell thing!,,,i'm sure your new grill will come in handy!,,,,,,Your Mare has it good with a mom like you!,,,good news the vet will be in town on the due dates!,,,,,,,,it's getting closer!,,,,,,,sorry to hear about the mud!,,but on the other hand we have to have it to make mud pies!,,,lolol,,and for spring of course!,,,,,it's supposed to warm up to 45 degrees by wednesday and then stay warm for awhile!,,,hope so!,,,,,,,

    i got a new printer the other day, a Lexmark, and been having more fun with it making cards and printing photos,,,,it also copies, scans, and has a fax, but i'm bettin' that feature won't get used,,,,,,it was areally great buy for 76.00 and it came with the full size ink cartridges too!,,,,,,,my old one was broke down for awhile!

    Dancing with the stars tonight! Yea!,,i just heard on the news that Melissa from the bachelor will be taking Nancy Odells place because she tore some ligamints (sp) in her knee,,,,and also they said that Jewel broke both tibias in her legs! (sad!),,, so there's another one that will take her place too,,,,,hope you all have a great day!,,,,HUgs!,,Sis
  8. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    Jam,I love salads and fresh fruit,i really need to back off on the others but....i think it would be easier if i lived alone. My guy is a meat and potato man! I try to take smaller portions,but i llike to eat! Years ago i lived with a man that was a weight lifter,i ate healthier than. I really had to put my mind to it.But i was able to slim down.
    I have seen Dancing with the Star a few times, i really enjoyed it. I was gonna watch tonight, but my daughter is off work and wants to watch a movie together, so maybe next week. Did you guys see the one with Chloris Leachman? She was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing. I was also happy she could still get out there even if she was clowning around.
    Have any of you watched Deadliest Catch? I watched it faithfully. I haven't seen any advertisement for it this year. I hope it will be back on. I wonder how Phil made out with his health problems. I also like to watch mike Roe on Dirty Jobs.
    Sis I have a bread maker too, I'll try the rapid rising yeast, i have had problems with it rising too.
    I haven't tried the tanning towels. I knew a woman when i was working she used the self tanning lotion,when she would sweat you could see it run down her legs,so i don't want to use that. And her skin looked kinda yellow from it. Do the towels do that? I was going for my vit. D deficeny problem,but the tan is nice too. I did feel i had more energy,now i'm back to feeling blah! I can't win. My Dr checked to see if there could be a reaction with my meds,he said he couldn't find anything on it,that doesn't mean that isn't the problem i suppose. Ya i used the accelerator before i tanned but i tried also not using it and i got more itchies. So I guess I'll just stay away from it and the sun. Thanks for the prayers! I'll see doc next monday.
    We've got a hp ink jet printer, we love it. Ours also has a fax, I do use this feature alot. I use to have to go to the library or bank and they charge a small fortune,so am glad we have it. And I also love that we can print out pictures, cards,etc.
    Fibrobutterfly are ya out there? How are your days going? Hope your doing well.
    60's Having fun in the mud huh! I remember those days! Remember mud is good for the complection!!LOL. Hope everything is going good with your mare.
    We are suppose to get more rain tonight and tomorrow. Our sub pump has been running since last night. We have shut the heat off,it's been staying around 68 in the house,I like it a little cooler.
    Talk to all soon,Hugs,Robin
  9. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    Hi Gals
    seems like everyones in a light mood ,I guess it,s the fact that spring is almost here.
    IT,s raining again ,so guess I"ll try to do a few things in the house,I"m having muscle spasm,s in my hip trying to use my thera cane to work them out,but they tighten up on me during the night,but I know I have to keep moving or it well get worse,hurts like blaze,s. back to using my cane to help me walk.
    My Grandson Austin always takes my cane and walks bent over when I"m in this condition, he makes me laugh.
    My little yorkie is in season so I"m taking her to visit the male dog Thursday and with any luck she"ll have puppies in May.
    Good thing Pappa Smurf is retired so he can help me with the puppies, I used to raise dogs 15yrs ago but I just don"t move like I use to back then.
    WE kind of thought about going to the Chana sale today but decided to wait until next week,because of the rain.well got to go try and get in the shower.
    chat later,have a good day. hugs sixtyslady.
  10. Rain, I guess thats spring. My fibro/arthritis bones are feeling it too! OMG!

    Talk about fish fries , I LOVE FISH! I remember growing up as a kid at my grandparents cottage we all would catch fish and grandma would clean them, UGH! and cook them. To this day I love any fish really. Well I haven't tried grouper. I like pickeral, perch, pollack, SAUTED SCALLOPS!, etc. AND SHRIMP! My husband cooks fish sometimes. BUT he makes such a mess I don't know if its worth it~ LOL!

    oh sixtieslady I sometimes wish I had a small dog, but then Its like having a little kid around. lol!
    I hear you on the cane, I really think I need to start using one soon. DARN IT ALL!

    Dancing with the stars, Oh my, I thought the judges were mean. Especially when they said the one intelligent guy looked like a smurf. I really thought that was insensitive.
    What a surprise to see Melissa on, she did great! I don't know most of the guys/gals on there this yr.

    Well off to clean a bit, have a nice day.

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  11. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    A special lady i had the honor of working with has passed away from breast cancer today. She had a long struggle.It's breaking my heart. She always had something good to say and such a good spirit. I will miss her... Her name was Barb...please say a prayer for her and her family. I may be gone for a few days from here, but i will be back,just need some time. Hugs, Robin
  12. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    Robin ,sorry to hear about your friend that just passed on,it,s always hard to get through this sort of thing,but just know if she was suffering shes in a better place.When my Mom passed I just walked around outside and no one could get me to go back inside,but then that inner voice told me.be Happy for your Mother not sad because she has made it to the other side.
    She has achieved her journey..
    Hugs, Sixtyslady.

  13. sisland

    sisland New Member

    sorry to hear about your friend Robin!,,,,May God bless her and her family!...Praying!
    The Tan Towels are really nice ,,no run,,no orange,,just tan!,,helps to get a jump on the Summer sun!,,,,,,,how did your dr.'s appt. go?

    Yesterday and night before we had another big blizzard with temps dropping to -8 below!,,,,today it's still freezing out about 8 above,,,,This is the strangest wheather pattern we've had in along time!,,,,,,,,,supposed to warm up to 40 tommorow,,can't wait!,,lolol,,it's been a long winter!,,,,,This chat though has been a wonderful thing to help pass the time!
    60's ,,,,hows mama mare?,,,i know your tierd of me asking that!,,lolol,,,,hope the rain has stopped by now!,,are you planning on getting more chicks?

    Fibrobutterfly~~~I'm so glad you joined us!,,and Jam tooo,,,,Dancing with the stars was pretty good ans yes i agree the judges can be mean at times!,,,,i'm guessing the microsoft guy will go first,,(Steve),,we'll have to watch and see!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was great to see Melissa dance! did you hear Bruno say that the bachelor Jason was a loser??,,,,,oh well' life goes on and this will be a great moral booster for her!,,,,,,,,,HUgs! To all,,,sis
    I just broke the news on another thread that i'm going to be a gramma!,,,sooooooo Happy!,,,,,,,Sis

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  14. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well its chilly out ,but the sun is out. took my yorkie to see the male dog have to take her back Sat. hope we get puppies in May.
    Sis,so gald to hear your going to be a grandma, how exciting for you,there,s nothing like Grandkids.
    you can just spoil them and then send them home ,lol
    Robin ,I hope your doing o.k. time will help.
    Fibro, I really enjoy Dancing with the stars and yes the judges can be quit mean at times,but it,s fun to watch.

    Hope everyone is doing fine and getting in the spring mood. they have all the Easter stuff out ,I love Easter hope its warm this year. thats one of my favorite movies Easter Parade. with Judy Garland. well chat later hugs sixtyslady.
  15. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    I'm doing ok,thank you. Barb's wake is Sunday and funeral Monday. I will be going to her funeral Monday with another friend. I agree 60's,she is not in any pain anymore and that is a comfort to me and her family. Sis thanks for the prayers also. I've been going over the fun times we had the last few days. She was a good person and a great friend. She had a strong belief in God, I know he carried her through and is at rest now. She wasn't much older than I. We think sometimes we are invincible,life has shown me we are not in many ways. I just pray when my time comes I can be as gracious and strong as Barb. She was and is a inspiration to me.
    Ok, let's get on with life!
    60's, Yorkies are so cute! I had one,not much of a lap dog but that was ok.
    Sis, I am soooo happy your going to be a Grandma!!!!!! Like 60's said there's nothing like it! I can tell it's spring, all the new babies on the way! I love it!
    Ron is laid off today and Friday,back to work Monday. That's ok,now he can get some things around the house done. The transmission is going bad in his truck,it over heats when it's warm and won't go into reverse. So he is looking for another vehicle. We'd like another SUV similar to the Explorer. We had found one with low mileage and a good price,but it was sold before we could get there. They want over 10 grand or more for 2003's and up that have 100 thousand miles on them. I told Ron if it was a diesel I'd say ok. But I can't see paying that. Maybe I'm wrong or to cheap!LOL!
    I am looking forward to Easter also. We do a egg hunt for the kids in the yard, then the park behind where we live have a hunt also. Last year it was a bit cold but the kids had a good time.
    Talk to you's soon,Hugs, Robin

    BILLCAMO New Member

    I wrote a poem about this subject.......It started....

    Spring has sprung
    Or so it is sung
    Many days at this time of the year

    (I can't remember the rest of it so I'll modernize & Ad Lib from here)

    An election cheer
    Another sore rear
    With the promises that never are met

    Limits were set
    Global warming the bet
    Then why are our hineys so cold

    It's getting so old
    Politicians so bold
    To ride in a limo to work

    We must be a dork
    To ride the old cork
    To believe what they always have said

    Foreclosure(')s our bed
    Our budget(')s in red
    And still they call us all fools

    Where is the old schools
    That saving's the tools
    Of getting ourselves in the black

    It may be a lack
    Of common sense back
    When you don't spend more than you have

    I guess I'll behave
    And be a good slave
    Say , thanks for all that we lack

    It's not an attack
    Or a kind of a sack
    The yolk's on us and the egg.

    (Remember to grin , bear it , .....AND SMILE !) ;>) LOL


  17. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Great adlib Bill! Pretty much sums it up!,,,Thanks for the contribution!,,,,,,,,,,,,Well i'm going to join the Gramma group!,,,,Thanks for all the best wishes Robin and 60's,,,,i got so excited that i had to tell everyone!,,,,,,R~sounds like your friend Barb was a wonderful person! and a great friend to you!,,,,hard to find these days!,,,Good-luck with the Vehichle search!,,,,,,,

    Of course i woke up at 4:am and couldn't get back to sleep so hear i am!,,,,,,,latley if that happens i can lay down at around 8:am and get another 1 or 2 hours in,,,,,,,crossing my fingers since i have errands to do today!,,,,,,60's,,,i hope your doing good and that your Mare is too!,,,,seems like the day's are getting close to her due date!,,,,,,,,,HUgs!,,and i'll check back in later on today!,,,,sis
  18. robin1667

    robin1667 New Member

    60's, how,s the mama doin'? Hope everything is going alright!
    Suppose to be 58 today!!!
    We were working on our boat yest.,it wasn't bad out if you were in the sun. I hope the nice weather is here to stay.
    We are going to be watching Gabe later this afternoon,so my daughter can work.
    I cooked a Turkey yest. Every yr. just before christmas,the place I use to work out gives out free Turkeys. Ron and I get one each. I took some to Melissa yest. afternnon at work.
    We were car hunting on the internet yest. also.Found a few good buys in El Paso,Il. We contacted the dealership,so we may be going to look Tues. Ron will take a vacation day if we go.
    Sis, I have problems again with sleeping at night,I hope your doing better. I don't have any suggestions for it except Tylenol Pm. I've been having problems with that again lately. The trip really did me in! So much back pain. I'm back to going to chiro twice a week and still getting my massages.
    I was suppose to see my reg. Dr last week but something came up had to cancel. Now I have to reschedule again,funeral Mon. My rash is still there but not as bad. Will see what he has to say and let you's know.
    We went to the fish fry again Fri. night. Oh so good! We took some to Melissa also. I didn't over eat this time! But it was tempting! We met some friends there and had a good time.
    We are gonna have steak and eggs this morning.Ron is going to cook them on the grill. I gotta startwalking some of this off!
    A home burned down in town here last night. It was just up the street from us. It was horrble. Everyone got out. It started in the garage. There were several firemen from surrounding towns. I don't think anyone was hurt. Such a horrble thing to happen.
    Enough of the bad news.
    I'll check in later to see how everyone is doing.
    Hugs, Robin
  19. sisland

    sisland New Member

    We are on the edge of our seats waiting to hear about the news of the colt 60's!,,,,,,hope all is going well!,,,hey it's 40 degrees hear this am:,,,,hard to believe! it was supposed to rain last night but don't think it did,,,,,Robin sounds like youv'e been a busy bee!,,,,Melissa doesn't even have to cook!,,,,lolol,,thats so nice that you take her food!,,,,Turkey sounds really good right now!,,,,,,The sleep problem is my fault,,because i fall asleep on the couch instead of going to sleep in my bed!,,,,,until the day comes where i can barley function due to sleep deprivation!,,,,,,,,,then it's off to bed and i have to say that it really is a no brainer!,,,,,,I cleaned alot yesterday so was very tierd last night!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sorry to hear about the home burning down robin!,,,,,,,,,,glad no-one was hurt!,,,,,,,,,,,There was a gas line rupture in one of the bigger towns in Mt. ,,,,Bozeman,,,,,anyway 3 older buildings were blown to bits on the main street of the town,,this was about a week ago,,,,only one person lost thier life witch was totally amamzing considering the damage done,,,,,Very devistating ,,,,They said on the news that the gas lines were checked about a month ago by the gas company and all fine,,,,,the investgation found a 2" hole in one of the lines ,,,,,,Scarey!,,,,,,,,give me wood or electric any day,,,no gas!,,,,,,R~i'm looking forward to the outdoor walks again too!,,,,,,,The fresh air is pricless!,,,Hugs!,,,,sis
  20. Congrats Sisland! Is this your first grandchild?

    Bill Camo good poem!

    We have had more sun lately and I love it. Warmer days ahead!

    Not much happening here except my son moved back home and I have been cleaning and reorganizing and getting rid of STUFF! Where does it all come from, I swear it grows!

    Enjoy the day and the sun if its out where You live!!