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    Morning Gals,

    I thought we needed a NEW chat thread since winter finally seems to be over.

    Robin - so glad to hear from you again. Yes, I am having less pain since I went to the pain clinic. They switched me to morphine (lowest dosage, 3x a day). I also have vicodin for breakthru pain. So far I haven't needed a lot of the vicodin on regular days. I did use them on vacation, all that riding made me pretty sore. Still, it was great to be able to drive since my son could afford to come along. He still hasn't found a job, everywhere he goes they're not taking applications. He's registered with all the temp agencies but they have nothing either. It's not a good time to be out of a job.

    Not sure if I told you all about their day trip to Washington DC. The 3 of them spent the whole day (5 a.m. to 10 p.m.) touring the city. They had a great tour guide who kept everyone on the bus totally entertained and informed.

    I had asked my son and Jenna to keep Larry safe but once they got off the tour bus he told them to go off on their own because he didn't want them to miss seeing all the sights and he knew he'd slow them down. Well, he fell twice. Really tore up his elbow. I was angry with my son at first but Larry said it was his own fault for making them go off without him. I know he gets stubborn about needing help, doesn't like to feel like a burden. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGG. He can be very bull-headed at times.

    We haven't done much since we've been home. I miss Tucker so much and whenever I think, "It's so nice out, I should go for a walk," I realize that I don't have my buddy to walk with me anymore. I know I could go alone but it's still too sad. Larry says he wants to walk with me sometimes but it's so difficult for him to go any distance. Then he feels bad that he's slowing me down. I've told him I'm not training for a marathon and I don't care how far, or how fast, we go but he doesn't seem to believe me. As I said before, he can get a tad bull-headed. LOL.

    I'm praying for you all (and your families). You're all so dear to me and I want you and your families to be happy and well. BR>

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    Nancy thanks for starting a new chat!,,it's timley!,,lolol,,,,sorry to hear of Larry falling when you were on the trip!,,Hope he's feeling better by now,,I've been trying really hard to keep up with the walking routine myself ,,,i'll go one day and i'm hurting to bad the next to go, so then i just go for about 3 shorter jaunts , with lucky in tow of course,,,,

    don't know whats up with me latley but all i seem to want to do is sleep,,,and believe me i could do it so easily all day and all night!,,so happy to hear that your pain meds are finally working for you now!,,and also to have a breakthrough pain med is nice!

    The kids were home for easter weekend for about a day or so and got to hug and kiss the Babe!,,,He's really growing!,,,almost 6 months old already,,not quite crawling but almost ,,,He makes alot of noise!,,,lolol again not any words that you can make out but "Rah,rah, rah",,,,is that a word?
    Is it possible for you's to get another dog?,,,,I'm so sorry about Tuker,,,anyway i love you's and hope we hear from our other 2 gals,,,Hugs!,,,sis
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    Nancy so glad you are getting relief from your pain! It truley makes a BIG difference in our lives! So glad you got to go on your trip! And so sorry to hear that Larry fell. Glad he is ok though...I can relate to his stubborness..I have some of that too! LOL! When I made a trip to Gary Indiana a while ago,I didn't have to go but as a mother wanting to make sure my daughter was safe..I had to go. Paid for it dearly afterwards. I could have let my other daughter and son in law go by themselves but my mother's pull was stronger..
    So sorry to hear about lucky..maybe another dog as Sis suggested would help you. I know he can not be replaced,but you would be surprised what another dog will do to heal your heart.
    Sis,I am with you! I have been sleeping so much lately! I think half of my problem is my allergies and the other half is depression. I love this time of year,it is so beautiful outside! But my body doesn't like it! My depression is SSDD(same S*** different day).
    Haven't heard from melissa...hopefully she is doing well. Jen is getting put on meds for depression. Her hubby Jamie is working part time for his dad. The little ones are thriving!
    I go to see gastro next month,don't remember the date at the moment,but will let ya's know what happens.

    60's how are ya? Busy with the farm I bet!
  4. mysticbrit

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    I think I'm going to have a tooth pulled tomorrow (Wed.). I felt one of my back molars break while on vacation. It throbbed for awhile but I've been ignoring it. Well, it's doing more than throbbing now and not possible to ignore any longer.

    I called for an appt. with my regular dentist yesterday but couldn't get in so I'm seeing a different one in the same office. I hope he's as gentle as my regular guy.

    Yesterday I had a regular dr. appt. and ended up getting a cortisone shot in my rib cage - OUCH. I was worried that my blood clots in my lung was back (same type of pain, just not as bad). She said it was more likely an inflammed tendon or muscle branch and suggested the shot. At first I said NO but changed my mind and got the shot. I've had them in my hips & knees before so I know it will help eventually.

    I'll check back tomorrow and let you know. That will give me a chance to catch up with your posts.

    Luv ya all,
  5. mysticbrit

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    Now - how do I find you gals????? Larry joined a couple of days ago and I started to feel left out - LOL.

    Sis - I know you gave me everyone's addresses, I saved them but my computer has crashed several times and I've lost them.

    If you don't want to put them on here can we plan to meet in Chat?

    Many thank. I'm doing a lot of extras tonight to keep my mind off my sore tooth. What a wuss I am.

  6. sisland

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    To hear about your tooth Nancy!,,a cortisone shot in the ribs ,,wow!,,,all i can say is i hope it helps!
    Yea,,your on facebook!!,,,my handle is Samantha Workman ,,,,,my photo is of me and Kym ,,,(me) brown shirt (her) pink shirt,,,,,,,just type the handle in the search box and you'll find me!,,,can't wait!!,,,By the way what is your handle??,,I'll try and find you's,,,This will be fun!

    I'll let Robin and Sharon give you their handles.

    Robin~~Sounds like we are in the same boat,,,I sure hope you feel better!,,,,i love your same **** different day exsplanation!,,,lolol,,,It's been raining cats and dogs up this way! for the last 2 days!,,,last night when i took Luckydog out for his buisness there were about 30 angle worms crawling around on the front sidewalk,,,,,ewwwww!,,,,i got the broom and got rid of them ,,but of course they are back this morning,,,,yAy!
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    Sis - I copied your name into the search box and it brought up a lot of people with that name but none with a mom & daughter. I did check a couple of the pics but they're not you.

    It's exciting if we can manage this. Remember, I'm a facebook virgin.

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  8. sisland

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    I Found you!,,,sorry it took so long i've been cleaning house today ,,,in between naps,,,,lolol,,Yay!
  9. sixtyslady

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    just about got half a post type and it just disappear,so anyhow sorry I haven"t been on in a long time,just so much to do around here seems like I can"t catch up.
    we had to cover our whole garden with plastic ,just got done about a hour ago, oh my aching back.lol
    Nancy,I quit smoking over 12 yrs ago,just went cold turkey,I had the flu and just could't smoke at the time so I thought it was a good time to quit,I was a 2 pack @day gal.so glad i did it.
    I wish you good luck.everytime I"d want one I"d just say God I can"t do this alone,and it seemed to help me.
    Robin, hope things are going well,I"m proud of you for taking a step I know it can"t be easy.
    Sis, where have you been,do you have a garden this year? and is that older couple still there with their garden. well Gals I hope you all have a great Mothers Day.

    Hugs sixtyslady.
  10. sisland

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    lolol,,,,seems like we have all disappered!,,,Yes Sharon i'm still here ,,sort of! The garden spot still has my name on it as we speak,i cleaned out my spot and raked out the strawberries so will get them for the season, I'm realizing that the garden is to much for me to do in the long run ,,,but i can never seem to be able to give it up completley!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sad but true!,,,

    yes the little russian couple are out there gardening up a storm,,they are so cute!,,,very maticulas about every pebble and plant ,,,I gave them somemore of my space along the outside edge of of the garden,,,,They are so happy to have more space!
    Had a great Mom's day this year ,,,,how bout ya all??,,,,,,,Hugs and yes Nancy goodluck girl!,,,,S
  11. mysticbrit

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    I really admire you gals for all your gardening. I enjoy weeding but just can't start working up new sections. Larry got some books from the library to get some ideas for starting new plots. So far we've only read about it. Is it too late to get started????

    This cold, rainy weather has been making me miserable. I just kind of hunker down on the couch, wrapped up in my blankets. The thought of actually doing anything useful makes me cringe.

    OK- enough gripping. Today is giving me some hope again, I think the sun is making an effort. I know my body isn't aching as much. Thank goodness for my pain meds.

    We just got back from Larry's Dr. appt. He went to the gastro Doc. to set up an appt. for a coloscopy (sp?). He hasn't had one for 10 years. Well, the dr. wants him to have a liver biopsy now because his blood tests have been elevated for too long. So, that's scheduled for May 21st, a day after his birthday. The dr. also wants him to lose weight, which we both knew was coming but he hated to hear it. He won't schedule the colonoscopy until after the liver tests.

    My daughter is taking me out to lunch tomorrow for Mother's Day. She's enjoying a 90-min. massage today so she should be very relaxed tomorrow - lol. She's in her last week of teaching for the semester so that's making her very happy also. But, she's also working hard on her master's degree program so she won't have much down time. She wants to be finished with her degree by this Dec. I know I couldn't keep up with her, but then I don't have to, LOL.

    I've started to get stuff in the mail from the "Quit for Life" program. I set my quit smoking date for May 31st. They are supposed to send me the lozenges to help me. It's a State sponsored program so I don't have to pay for them. Not sure how many I'll get but it might help me over the hump.

    I quit for over 15 years and like a fool started again while I was going thru my divorce. Poor Larry has never known me as a non-smoker. He's keeping his fingers crossed for me.

    As the time is getting closer I'm getting nervous. I don't want to let everybody down. I know I need to stop (and they now cost almost $50 a carton). As the time comes I could sure use your prayers.

    Take care my friends. Don't overdo in your gardens.


  12. sisland

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    Nancy~~Thanks for the great post!,,I was just going to mention that when my liver panel bloodwork came back elevated,,i started taking the herb Milkthistle ,,,,,you can find it online or at walmart,,,,anyway it cleaned up the bloodwork in a months time ,,,,,
    It also falls in the same catagory as Dandilion Root,,,,don't know if Larry wants to try something like that but it's just an idea,,,,,,

    Oh have fun with your Daughter and your lunch date! sounds like she's workin hard on the masters!,,,,Kym's doing the same thing!,,,did i tell u that she's moving home? she applied for a job as a case manager for a new Youth Dynamics program they are starting up here as of july,,,i'll be so glad to have her home!

    Now if Don and Nell could find a place closer to home to teach that would be wonderful!!,,,,,Little Braiden is gettin' so big!,,,,,he's not crawling yet but rolling aroud the room like a snowball!,,,,and he now say's ra' ra' ba'ba' short "A" sound,,,,,,lolol,,,,also is cuttin' his first tooth!

    How come all the Kids get to have Massages and the Moms and Dad's don't?,,,,lolol i don't think i've ever had one, maybe something to try out sometime!

    I admire you so much for quitting the smoking!,,I really need to also!,,,i smoke aroud 3-4 cig's a day and i'm sure if i put my mind to it like you are maybe i could be successful,,,,Maybe i'll check out the State quit line also.

    P.s.,,,it's not to late for the gardening idea!,,,maybe try planting stuff in containers setting up on a table of some sort ,,,like tomatoes,,,peppers,,,herbs ,,,,just an easier way of doing it to save your back,,,i'm just keeping the strawberry patch for this season and then eighter giving it to someone eles or digging it up,,,just going to fill up me planters outside here and go from there,,,,Its just to hard on the back!!,,,,,,anyway ,,i'm so windy today!,,,,,,HUgs to all my best gals!,,,sis
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  13. mysticbrit

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    Hi again,

    Hey Sis...thanks for the suggestion about Milk Thistle. I told Larry about it and he checked it out on Web MD. They agree that people have gotten good results by taking it for liver issues. It's also recommened for type 2 diabetes, which he has also. We're going to stop and get some on the way home from lunch today.

    Also, I know both you and Sharon have mentioned that you're trying to lose a little weight. The dr. told Larry to check out a website called: sparkpeople.com. It helps people with their battle of losing weight. He's checked it today and found lots of helpful info. You can keep track of your calories, exercise, diet, etc. It doesn't preach at you, just offers ideas.

    Thanks again,

    P.S. Sis, I'm a dedicated smoker, 2 packs a day. It seems since I've lost some of my mobility I just sit and smoke. If I were you I wouldn't stress myself out about 3 or 4 smokes a day. Sure, you're better off not smoking at all but I think you're okay with just those few.[This Message was Edited on 05/15/2010]
  14. sisland

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    Thanks for the website info!,,,,and thanks for the encouragement for only smoking 3-4 a day!,,,,Ya know it's funny if i'm around people that don't smoke i don't even think about it ,,,,,lol,, that is until i get really tierd and or 4 hours have passed. I hope that the Milkthistle helps!,,,the 1000 mg capsule is the one i take now, It's not the strongest one there is but it seems to be enough for me right now,,,,,,,

    I was going to tell you that i got a pair of those (shape up ) shoes the kind that sketchers make ,,,,,I got the way less exspensive pair by Danskin,,,,,,,,They have this built up sole that is supposed to help you get more out of your walking ,,,,well Luckydog and i took them for a test walk yesterday and they are Fab!

    They will help me get more walking in because they support my spine and hips,,,,,I look like an old lady walking down the sidewalk ,,,,,,but i don't care because they work!!,,,,Have a great day!,,,Hugs all around!,,,,sis
  15. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    seems like since we're all on f/b that I forget to check out this site,but on here we can write more.
    hope everyone is doing great, and wish you luck trying to stop smoking, it,s very difficult.
    well summer,s in full blaast and of course the horse shows have started for us.we're only going to do a few this year. I"m trying to put together a 4th of july party at our place, Dustin is the lead singer in a band,and the band is going to play for our picnic.Our town has what they call the petunia festival over the fourth every year .so there will be alot going on.our city is called Putunia City,because the main streets are all covered with Pink Petunia,s the city provides them and the citizens plant them they even have a watering truck to water them.
    And then our family decide,s that it,s time to have a family reunion, I did the last one 7yrs ago, but this time someone else is going to have to do it,I will try to help but just can"t do it all by myself.
    hope you all have a great summer. Hugs sixtyslady.
  16. mysticbrit

    mysticbrit New Member

    Well, I was surprised to see our thread on the first page again. Sharon, you're right. Since we've all migrated to FB I forget to check here.

    It sounds like you're going to have a really busy summer. The events all sound like fun times. How many horse shows do you attend? Have you ever been to the parade in Clinton, WI? It is billed as "non-motorized" and there are so many beautiful horses, carriages, etc. I loved it, I'd much rather watch horses than fire trucks & police cars.

    Every year I'd wait for my favorite horse, a stunning, gleaming black percheron (sp). He is so tall and muscular but also very gentle. He let me and my grandkids pet him as long as we wanted.

    So far I've managed to cut my smoking in half. Still too many but a major improvement. I limited my smoking area to one room of the house where there is nothing to do except sit there and smoke. No TV, no books, no nothing. Since it's boring to just sit there I've been able to cut way back.

    I'm enjoying seeing the pictures of all you gals' families on FB. We're really blessed to have each other.

  17. sisland

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    Just thought i'd stop in over here and see if there were any new posts,,and wall--llah here yous are!,,,,Sharon ~~ Summer sounds magical and fun for U and yours!,,,hope u get lots of great veggies and i also hope the reunion is a blast!

    Nancy ~~~God bless U for trying to quit smoking!,,,,It's such a hard thing to acomplish!,,,your doing a great job,,we have parades here every year too with the horses and wagons and alot of the old timers bring thier tractors into town ,,i love that part!,,,,,love to all! sis
  18. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    just wanted to touch base here on the board,hope all is going well for all this summer,of course you gals know all it does is rain,our garden is not as good as last yr because of the rain, hope it stops soon and we have a nice dry spell.Sis do you have a garden this Yr?
    and how,s your Dad doing?
    Nancy,seems like your weather is the same as ours let me know when your town has the horse drawn carriage parade.
    Robin, did you get moved? and how aare things going. Maybe someday will all get together.til then we"re together in spirit.
    Just wanted to say I"m glad I stopped by the board today ,resd some good articles here.it,s good to read new ways to ter and help this fibro.
    well Grandkids where here swiming this afternoon good to hear kids laughter.
    take care and hugs all around.sixtyslady.
  19. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    well the 4th is over & I"m in need of a vacation,on some remote island everything went good.
    Sis did the kids get to your place for the 4th, hope you had a great time,know you did with the Baby.
    Robin haven"t seen much of you on facebook,hope you got moved & settle.
    And Nancy glad that you & Larry made your date with menards.lol too cute. hope all your new flowers flouish, some of mine died out because of to much rain.
    my pain level has been out of site been having some tough night,s.Jerry,s hand got better,the meds made him sick so he just kept eating the dark fresh cherries and it helped, so now I"ve started on 15 @ day to see if it will help my pain.
    I can only sleep about 4hrs at a time and then my body starts screaming from pain. and since pain meds & I don"t get along to well I can"t go back to sleep.
    maybe someday I'll find something natural to take that will help.

    Hope you Gals had a really great Holiday. Hugs Sixtyslady.
  20. sixtyslady

    sixtyslady Member

    just wondered if any of you Gals miss this board,I always felt like we could say things on here that I would"t want to discuss on f/B.
    I"m glad that summer is winding down,just kind of tired of so much outdoor work all the time.
    I want to get the new book Eat,Pray & love,I would like to read it before I see the movie.
    Saw Julia Roberts on Oprah last week,& they had the lady that wrote the book. I think it may be a good read.
    Sounds like everybody has had a good summer. I would love to go to a couple of fairs,if the weather would cool down,just can"t take the heat.

    Well gals I hope I can encourage you Gals to visit this board once in awhile. Hugs Sixtys.