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    Just wanted to let everyone here who is doing Spring Forest qigong that there is a 12-month program available through Learning Strategies. It consists of Chunyi Lin telling more about qigong and what works the best etc. The program runs for 12 months at $25 per month. You tune in via internet or phone. The first one hour is Chunyi talking and the last half hour is reserved for questions about Spring Forest qigong. You can download the session and listen to it over and over if you like.

    I listened yesterday and thought it was very good. For me it was worth it, but then I have been doing Spring Forest for almost a year so I had lots of questions. Anyway just search for Learning Strategies and then click on events to find the Deep Healing seminar.

    As near as I can tell Learning Strategies is independent of Chunyi Lin, and offers seminars from various people. I have had good luck dealing with them (such as getting a refund, etc.). Do be aware though that they will put you on a mailing list and you will get promotional materials from them from time to time. I don't think they sell your name to others, however.
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    Sounds interesting! I've been doing SF QG for a little over 2 months and like it very much. I don't have an extra $25 a month right now, but I'd be interested if you'd keep us posted how the Learning Strategies program is going -