Spring, winter, spring, winter...

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    Our weather can't make up it's mind. We get teased with some beautiful warm weather for a couple of days, then it gets cold, then we hear thunder..which I don't mind..:) then we get warm, today up to 50, warm for us..then wet again tomorrow, then it will reach 60 by Thurs! Whew Hhooooo! Then rain again for the weekend. ??

    Hope everyone is having good weather. When it comes and goes like this..it's really hard on my head and ears. I know that sounds weird, but my whole head feels like I'm under water..it's the pressure of the storms coming and going. And to think the April showers haven't even come yet.

    Ok, enough complaining. My chickens are out today while the weather is good. It is so fun to watch them enjoy being out and about. I even have four of my pullets that I will keep for the next year and a half out there. They love it. Have them in a separate little enclosed area so the big girls can't get to them.
    I have tulips that I planted last fall coming up. :))

    Love and prayers to all...Cynthia