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  1. teacher

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    Good afternoon Everydobby!

    It's 84 degrees and sunny. Sky has a few clouds and the wind is blowing gently.

    It's Sandal Time!

    Lemonade, strawberries, a book and a blanket await!
  2. teacher

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    Am at school with Baby.

    Had an ultrasound done this morning. Following up on the thyroid cancer situation. They were checking the lymph nodes to make sure that I'm still clear.

    Drove up to the college and Baby and I went to a used book/cd/dvd store. Got 11 new CD's for $9 because I had a 15% off coupon.

    Happy Easter to me!

    Then took her to the chiro. She's found one that will take her government insurance that is within walking distance of the school.

    Got lunch and then went to Old Navy. If any of you are near one, now is the time to get your flip flops. 2 pair for $5. They had lots of cool colors. I didn't get any. They didn't have my size.

    Brought her back so she could see one of her girls play softball. I came to her room to go through e-mail and drop you all a line.

    It's a perfect day here. Not too hot or too cold. Steady breeze. Sunny with a few clouds.

    Family is doing the BBQ thing, so I know where I'm going later! hee hee hee hee

    I'm starting to feel a bit better. Hoping I'll be 100% by this time next week. If the rest of break is like this, I have no doubt about it!

    Love you.

    Sunny hugs!
  3. lilaclover30

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    Yesterday was 83-Day before was 80 and not sure what today is but beautiful. My daffodils are all in bloom and so beautiful! I had a shirt on today with 3/4 lenghth sleeves but it said "Wwinter Olympics" my "friend" said to [put it away! But feels good!

    I realized I hadn't been on since I went to Dr. He said everything was really good except a smalli clot on right aorta. Called the hospital to ask the radiologist if it was something that would travel and he looked and looked and said no. So glad I am so "well". Then he walked out and NEVER answered what I went to find out in the fifrst place---my right lower back. Next time!

    oh yes, I cancelled Carpal Tunnel surgery that was to have been today. That made him mad! Wan't to know why and i said, you know I live alone. But he said you have your kids close and I said no. I'll wait and see.

    When I got home remembered I hadn't asked about blood work. Called and left message for his nurse--0-she called back and told me everything was perfect!!! Glad I am that healthy! Butr I hurt!!

    Son #1 called and said he was coming here to go to church with me---so happy about that! I bought a lily that is in memory of Harley. We have a big metal cross and memorial lilies are put on it and it makes a gorgeous white cross. Love it! After church we go to his wife's sister's home for dinner. His wife and daughter, who have been in phoenix, will go separately.

    I about wore myself out. I have been changing winter for summer clothes from my closet to Harley's. I just hate it that it makes me soooo very tired!!! A lot ofr dragging and putting on hangers,etc.

    I actually got shoes in the mail. I ordered bone sandals by phone and she said for $10 less i could get another pr. I chose Royal blue---i loved them when they came and they fit!!!! But I got to thinking, I have black (hurt my feet), white (from W-M), everyday sandals and so why do I need more. Just packaged them up today to send back.

    I also got out my spring purse and exchanged all the "stuff" from tje winter one. I can't ever find anythingt in the winter one anyway. I don't know why I keep so much in it but when I look thru it, I always put the same things back!!

    I know that this is record highs but Oh, how I love it! I acftually got hot last evening. The wall furnace in FR was down as far as it would go and I had a winter robe on. All of a sudden, I thought I would roast! Looked at the therm. for inside and it was 79!!! No wonder!

    Doesn't the arrival of spring----it may be cold next week but will enjoy this while it lasts-------- make you feel mentally better?

    Tomorrow I go to the VFD money-raiser breaktfast at our church. It is from 6-9. I won't be there at 6! Then from 4-6 p.m. I need to go tyo next town for the fund-raiser for my friend's son with bileduct cancer and no insurance! Probably take my walker. Don't know where I can p0ark so don't know how far I have to walk. I really don't want to go but his whole family--siblings and their families and his mom will be there so I need toi make an appearance. Wish me luck.

    Again, I need to find a bite for supper, the take my shower. Need to dig out cooler nite gown and robe. Probably won'ty need it next week.

    i have jabbered along and don't remembver just what I said!

    All I can think of is "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" What is that from???

    Luv to all and have a wonderful Easter with family, etc. Luv u awl!!!

    Gentle Hugs,

  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Went to Vons today. Gordon got off work early. That's
    the kind of exciting news we have around this ranch. But that's
    OK. Excitement is for the young and the healthy. I like
    things peaceful and predictable nowadays.

    Springwater, what kind of plants did you buy? Did you find them
    at the flower show? I bet you couldn't get a blood pressure test
    at an American hospital while visiting a friend.

    There would be insurance considerations, the need for a doctor's
    order, and all sorts of complications.

    Bill, what's going on? Problemas familiares? Feel free to discuss
    if you want to.

    Granni, did you see that the Easter service at the Hollywood
    Bowl has been canceled. I looked on the net to see what the
    tickets cost. Couldn't find any info. But tickets for many events
    cost between $150 and $300. The parking ($27) is extra.

    What club sponsors the kids' essay contest? I can't remember
    any patriotic essays, but I did win a contest around 6th or 7th grade for
    a slogan. Still remember it: "America, where freedom
    bright offers the world a guiding light." I won a one-volume

    Georgia, I didn't know Norco was a med. I know it's a town.
    I looked it up on Wikipedia. Got its name from NORth COrona.
    It's in Riverside county, CA. Interesting history regarding
    concern for animals (especially horses) and an epic cops and
    robbers shoot out 30 years ago.

    Teacher, what was the occasion for the fancy dancy luncheon?
    Baby have a good time? 11 CDs for $9? Is that right?
    Practically free. I ordered some CDs from a web site y-day.
    Some were as cheap as $2 @.

    Julie, glad to hear that Spring has finally reached the Midwest.
    I remember the one winter I spent in N. Minnesota. On the
    shore of Leech Lake. The ice on the lake finally went out in
    the middle of May!

    Nice to hear from you, Joan. Glad you found a bargain on
    shoes. Oops! Read a little farther. Sending them back? Well,
    whatever you think is the right choice is the right choice.

    That last statement is absolutely true because it is a tautology,
    and all tautologies are true.

    "Oh, What a B. M." is from Oklahoma by Rodgers and
    Hammerstein. Back in the 40s. Often called the first modern musical.

    Gordon is napping. Later tonight we will go over to his
    mother's place and walk Zippy.

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - thanks for starting us up again. Strawberries and lemonade sound great to me ! Wow it sure is warm where you live. I know it will soon be hot here so to enjoy it when it is only in the 70's. It was close to 80 I think today. Glad you are feeling better and enjoy your BBQ !!

    Joan- glad to hear from you to sweetie. You have so much touble getting shoes, if they fit why don;pt you keep them :) !! Of course I do not know how much they cost but if not to bad it might be worth it to keep them. Of course if they do not fit send them back. Hope your hand doesn't bother you to much since you decided to cancel the carpal tunnel surgery.

    Rock - I didn't know anything about that service in Hollywood you were talking about but it sounds like it might cost a bunch of money. Things are getting really ridiculous now with cost, unbelieveable !! What are you doing for Easter? Gordon cooking up anything special :) !??

    We are going to our eldest daughter's in Houston for lunch and I am making potato salad at her request. It will be a challenge since I haven''t made it in years. I boiled the potatoes today and will cut them up and put it together tomorrow. I will be out tomorrow night so will have to go to church Easter morning for a change.

    I know I will be super busy tomorrow so I wanted to wish ALL MY DEAR PORCHIES a very Happy Easter since I might not get to the computer much tomorrow. If I do it won't be for long.

    Big hugs and smooches to everydobby - Julie, Elaine, SW, Jole, Carla, Linda and all those MIA whoi I miss alot too.

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  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Teacher - thanks for opening with a spring; with springy weather coming up everywhere it
    seemed apt that we should all have sprung onto the new porch! Flip flops really mean warm
    weather is here! hurray for you all. I hope all your tests came back clear. I do think youre
    very brave to have come thru all of that.

    Joan - you seem to be taking good care of yourself. You sure have a busy day coming up.
    I hope they raise a lot of money at those fundraisers and special prayers for your friends
    son with the bile duct cancer. Is bile duct another word for gall bladder? Im not too familiar
    with this.

    Rock - it does sound really complicated out there to take a blood pressure test. Here we
    can get one as often as one wants even at the local pharmacy for rs. 5/-. rs 70 = $ 1.oo.
    so thats like a few cents?

    I bought a lot of dianthus to replace the petunias which got killed off. And some dahlias
    in colours like bright yellow, crimson, orange, and purple. Also a plant in a pot which has
    caterpillar like flowers. I tried not to buy too much because we just dont have the water.
    Also a plant which just looks like an architecture of green sticks. I found it intriguing.
    No leaves nothing, just green sticks in angular shapes. will post some pics later on.

    Granni - hope your potato salad turned out good and you have a great Easter!

    Julie - cant Lindsey plant some easy things like nasturtium? We've done that because
    it takes very little care. Just plant and then give a little water and weed a little. It
    spreads on its own. And covers a lot of ground. You do sound like a very very busy time
    coming up. Having your parents nearby will be some deviation from the usual wont it?
    But Keira will have some more loving. And you and your parents relieved to know the
    other is just by. My kids had such fun when they visited their maternal grandparents.
    Got spoilt rotten as is usually the case.

    Georgia - have a good Easter. Your Protestant and GP Catholic? My mum went to a
    Catholic school run by missionaries. Imagine, she came from Tibet as a little girl
    and went straight into a missionary day school without knowing how to speak a word
    of English! She recounted how there was this irish dragon lady who spoke somethng to
    her in her first class and she kept quiet because she couldnt understand a word. The
    Irish ladys temper flared and she shouted "Get Out"! My mum thought she was teaching
    her to speak and repeated "Get Out"! The whole class burst out laughing and the Irish
    teacher sheepishly said something which probably meant "poor thing, she doesnt know
    english". This was british colonial times in india.

    Cant say i achieved much today either. Planted the dianthus and other flowers. DHs
    dinner was outside so i decided not to cook dinner since both son and i didnt feel like
    eating the usual. So DH sent son to buy KFC for us. Just as well because bro in law
    dropped in in the evening and we served him that. Since its fried stuff, no one can
    eat too much and that served as dinner.

    When bro in law comes the conversation mostly centers around cars because both
    DH and son love cars and bikes because our son is mad over motorbikes. The poor
    guys cant afford to buy new ones but they love to discuss the latest makes etc.
    On April 1st our daily paper had reported that from now on import duty on vehicles
    would be 500%. Right now its 200%. Then they said please turn to page 4 and
    stated it was an April Fools Day Joke! Im sure many men got the jolt of their lives.

    Hugs everydobby

    God Bless

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Wow, GEORGIA did she ever get a treat, all that ice cream!!! I hope the carton of ice cream wasn't too large . Hope she didn't get an upset stomach from it all. Gee, that sounds good about now - choc. ice cream. it is getting warm and I think it would be a good treat. Glad you are feeling better from your dental surgery. I am doing some laundry too today.

    Sweet SW - Your poor MUM ! That story reminds me some of my mother who came to the USA as a child to live in DE with some relatives. At school they thought she was stupid since she only knew two words. All I remember is one was "apple". My mother is or was quite a self taught women and very smart ! I think she only went to 8th grade. Her parents died in CZ when she and her sis were little.

    Nowadays, the people that come over to the U.S. are given such privilges and help with education even if they aren't legal. There is so much help in teaching them all to speak English, esp the Hispanic people coming over from Mexico to TX. We have so many here . There was no such help back then in the 1920's, etc. Your poor MUM must have been so scared at that time. It is so hard and scary for even adults who do not know how to speak the language, let alone children.

    Julie - Your plate is full as usual. Have a wonderful and busy Easter with the family. It is good and sometimes not so good when family lives very closeby ! It certainly can keep omne busy but when you don't feel well it can be very hard and tiring !

    When is Lindsey due? Just think next year you will have another little one for the Easter Bunny to come and give them eggs and candy :) !!

    Everyone have fun and try and rest a little this Easter :)! I just finished my potato salad and now need to go and get some other things ready for tonight and tomorrow morning - no time to fuss at that time. Have to get up early for very early church tomorrow morning where some of us will also be singing. Then have to come home and change clothes to go to my daughter's in town for Easter lunch. Tonight is the Ricky Skaggs concert.

    Well, gotta run for now.

    Love to all,
  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I just dropped by The Porch to wish each of you a blessed Easter. It has been so long since I have posted that many may have forgotten me. I still try to keep up with each of you and really miss the other MIA's so much.

    I will be having dinner with my family at my daughter's home. I've got to get ready now.

    Again I wish each of you a blessed day.
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sweetie - How nice of you all to drop by. Hope you are feeling fairly well (all things considered I know). Yes, you are missed as well as others that have been gone for so long. Hope you have a great Easter today at your daughter's home.

    Julie -[ I know how busy you must be today and I hope you afer feeling OK and that your MOM is OK after her fall. That gets so upsetting especvialloy when elderly people fall alot. Sp much can happen and then start a bunch of problems. I know about that with my mom who died aftger she fell and abroke her second hip. She just lost her will to live after figuring out all that she would have to go through in therapy, etc. again !

    Did Kiera find lots of eggs today. i'll be she was very excited !!

    Well, I have to go take a shower and wash my hair since I will not be able to do that tomorrow (wash my hair due to chorale practice). Curling my hair is a major project for me.

    Hope you all had a great day and got to see some of your families as I did.

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I see the reply button so I had better post quickly !

    Elaine - How great tp hear from you. I checked out your post on the FM board but I could not replu due to whatever is going on with that reply button thingy !

    Thanks for writing to tell us all what has been going on with you, even if we do know some of it that you have told us on the Porch. Glad you are finally getting your life back together again. Yes, it is sad if you have ato exclude your family or those family that have caused the problems. However, it is their problem since they were the cause, either being mean or just not understanding. You have to do what is right for you sweetie. Hope you are still seeing J.S. and cramming in some fun for yourself(ves). I know you have been so terribly busy with all your appointments, etc. I am so proud of you for what you have done for yourself. Keep it up !!

    I forget who all else may have poostted. I am guessing tht many have tried to but could not reply as I did this morning and part of the afternoon and maybe just gave up !

    Hope everydobby had a wonderful Easter. Now it is back to normal (whatever that is). Went to line dancing this morning and trioed to do some working out on the treadmill, etc. with DH. It was his idea to do so, so early in the morning not mine but we have been bad lately about going 2x a week to the fitness center (treadmill and some weight machines). It is NOT my idea of fun but know it is good for my osteoporosis and FM. Wish I had more NRG thourgh. Will come back to try and check in later or tomorrow.

    Love to awl,
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I couldnt come on yesterday so i seem to have missed the fun.

    Not too much to report. I really need a bath but spent my time doing
    or tryng to do breathng exercises and meditation because my energy
    levels were really low. I honestly thnk its the onset of perimenopause,
    because i can feel the hot flashes under my skin and irritation.

    Day before i went into town to get my top which was supposed to be
    made a little smalller but i didnt bother to phone first and they hadnt
    done it at the shop, then i went and shopped for tofu and veggies
    because the veggie market is right there, but i had so many packets
    cucumber, bananas, and leek stalks so that when i went to get my
    repaired umbrella which is in another little by lane of the market i
    seem to have misplaced the tofu i bought. I had thought i would make
    a proper veggie dish for dinner, of tofu, peas, and mushroom. Grrrr.
    This brain fog. I had misplaced my umbrella receiot and it took ever
    so long for the umbrella man to find my repaired umbrella among all
    his lot. But im glad i made myself go out because staying home i would
    have done nothing except wanter aimlessly from one room to another.

    yesterday the lights went off at six pm so i went off to the supermarket
    and bought some more groceries. I had my first 'gola'. its an indian iced
    drink, they make a glass of iced milk, and diff flavours and put an iced
    lolly in it and we have to sip it as it absorbs the flavour. I chose rose
    and milk flavour because it sounded nice and it was really good. I went
    home sipping on my lolly because there were no lights on the streets
    or lanes, just dim gas lights or solar bulbs so i didnt feel conscious.

    Today i feel a bit energetic, for one there are lights so it put me
    in a good mood. I beter type quick before it goes off.

    Ive done some ironing and cut up tofu and mushrooms. I will take some
    to ma in laws on way to market to pick up my blouse and give some
    photos for developing.

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - did u have a good easter? I used to curl my fringe when i was in college.

    Elaine - GOOD to see you and read about your tryst with the big 'D" again. Im really
    sorry i know how tough this can be. Having suffered and having an ongoing battle
    with this disorder for what sems like forever. But u have come thru before and will
    again just keep that in mind

    1Sweetie - good of you to pop by. Hope things are good with you. Your DH, son and
    all, Have thought about you.

    Julie - are your folks okay? What a worrying time. Thinking about you. Did Keira enjoy
    her easter?

    Georgia - Ursula msut have thought it was christmas , getting to eat all that icecream!
    I think its lovely when people of different denominations religious get together and get
    along, letting the other be, its is really one of the sweetest things. Just shows we are
    all humans first and then different religions or denominations.

    gotta post this before it disappears

    god bless


    BILLCAMO New Member

    and all of today standing on a corner with a tin cup....

    asking for donations to help pay for the electricity to light the porch light.

    I only got $2.10 in change.

    I can only hope that is enough to help keep the light on ! ;>)

    I did , however , light a candle for each of the last four evenings......

    'Tis better than cursing the darkness.......imho.....:>)

    Blessings ,


  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Are you serial? Of is this some of your Billcamouflagehumor?

    Are you talking about lighting the porch light on the board or you own
    personal porch light?

    This is all a big amBIGuity. Kindly resolve, old buddy.

  15. jole

    jole Member

    Bill, how much did the tin cup cost ya??? Don't see them much anymore! lol... I remember when we were kids our aunt/uncle had one tied to their outside water pumpjack, and everyone (even visitors) drank water out of that tin cup! Wow, that's a lot of memories ago....

    Julie, I read your post about your mom, but couldn't move it over. I'm so sorry, and know you want to do more to help, but sometimes it simply isn't possible. I know it all weighs heavily on your shoulders though.

    Elaine, hope you're doing okay. Hang in there sweetie, everything takes time. I know depression is one of the hardest things in the world to deal with though, 'cause even the strongest person feels so totally out of control and helpless. It all gets better with the right doc.

    Granni, busy as ever...good for you! It's good to see you saying no to a few things once in awhile though, and giving yourself a break here 'n there. Glad you had a good Easter.

    Spring, I love hearing about your markets. It all sounds so different than our towns/cities. Bet you wish you had a little more flower area and water to grow more beautiful things. You definitely are a nature lover.

    Rock, as always I love your posts and you always make me smile. Did you rock 'n roll with the earthshake? Haven't seen anyone mention it on the board...or I've missed it.

    Carla, it's great to see that you're in your home and doing well for the most part. I think about you often, and wish you all the best. I'm sure you still have plenty of "down" days with the losses in your life, but you're always so positive!

    Georgia, I hope you and grandpa get that trip to Mexico in. Heck, I'd like to go too. Never been anywhere........but then I don't have a passport or anything so doubt it would work.

    Teacher, hope you enjoyed your spring break. Sounds like you did quite a bit with family. Always a good thing to do as long as you get along....lol...

    Barry, how ya doing with your critters and plants? My daisies and day lilies are finally coming back up, and tulips are budded out now. The grass is starting to green up, so spring has finally gotten here. It's frozen my tulips off the past 4 years, so I'm hoping to actually see flowers this year.

    Know I'm missing peeps....sorry! Didn't sleep last night and need to go to bed for a bit. Have a dentist appt today. Guess I could wait and sleep in his chair.

    My SIL had a funeral (uncle) to go to near Seattle. They couldn't afford to all go, so he went alone. While there he lost his billfold. Called my daughter and she spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with the bank, credit card co, SS, DMV, etc. She then had to fax him a bunch of info so he could even fly back.

    The airport searched his luggage very thoroughly since he didn't have his identification. He'd put his car keys in the outside zip compartment of his suitcase. When they searched, they didn't zip it back shut. As he picked up his luggage after they landed he noticed a set of keys lying on the check-in counter. After he'd gotten through to re-board he thought about it and went back to look at them.

    Yep, they were his! They admitted it was their fault, and all he had to do was identify his luggage, 'cause they knew which suitcase they came out of. WOW! What were the odds of him seeing them there? And as angry as my daughter already was with him, I can't imagine him having to tell her he'd lost his keys too....lol...One funeral he said he wishes he'd missed!

    Not much new going on in my life....feeling a bit better with the warmer weather. My sis and I talk or text often. She goes for her next checkup in May, but is resigning herself more to her future. She's always been a very positive person, which is in her favor.

    I try to keep up with you every few days...miss you all...be back soon........Jole
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    4/6/10 4:18 AM Putting my mom in a nursing home today

    Can't get a reply button on the porch, and have to leave in a few minutes, so will just put this here. Someone can move it later, if you'd like.

    Mom fell again yesterday morning, and my dad and his neighbor could not get her up, so they had to call an ambulance. (She has a broken tibula sp? from falling on Saturday, so has been really hard for dad to get her back and forth from the bathroom, etc. Wish they would have kept her in the hospital...)

    Anyway, they put her in "respite" or skilled nursing (from the ER) until we could find a place to take her that could take care of her until her leg heals enough so she can try to walk again. She weighs close to 300lbs. so I can't take care of her here, even if we could get the room ready so soon.

    None of her insurances cover the respite, so it has to come out of pocket...we needed to make a decision by today. The social worker found a nursing home, 20 miles from where my folks live (farther from me) and we will move her today, as soon as everything gets approved. They say she has to be there 30 days, at least, or Medicare, etc. won't pay for any of it...

    Could have gotten her in the same town where Amy and I work, and where we do all our shopping, etc., but that would mean Dad and their dog would have to live with us (so I could get him to the nursing home to visit.)

    As we discussed this, I could see it was upsetting him, so decided it would be better to let him stay in their home, but I will only be able to get him a couple times a week. (It's an hour and a half from me, longer when I go pick up my dad first...) My brother can take him sometimes in the evenings, but he can't be off work too much.

    Brother from Texas is still coming the end of April, so that is good.

    Things got kind of crazy, very quickly. Just wanted you all to know where I am. My boss is very understanding, and also said that if I need to quit, she understands that too...

    Biggest problem is finding them someplace to live (preferably on our farm) by the time she gets out. We have the one room, but it wouldn't be good long-term. We have almost decided that their trailer house is not good enough to make such a long trip, and would need alot of work to be made more accessible for Mom to get around, with her neuropathy.

    Sorry for the book. I'd better go. Hope everyone is doing okay.

    Love, Julie

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    4/6/10 8:09 AM Nursing home !

    Dear Julie,

    So sorry to hear that you have to put your mom in the NH even if it is short term but I know that is where she has to be. Hopefully, she can get to walking in a month. It is a shame they have to put a time limit on what Medicare will pay back. I guess I had better get used to it cause it most likely will get worse, at least for awhile.

    I know this is all such a worry for you all. Hope things work out for her and for you all. Her weight is also probably part of the problem or shall we say will not help it any for sure. Not sure at this point if there is much you can do about that especially if she has other medical problems and is not that active. However, I am sure wt loss, even some would be a benefit.

    Gotta ruy
    Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers and hope all continues to go well with her and your family. I know what confusion this type of thing does & what to do with your mom and dad after she hopefully gets better and can move around better.

    Home some of this make sense. I am in a rush and need to get off here. DH is mixing up some stuff to spray on all our clover and weeds. Hopefully, it does not kill other things too that we do not want dead :) !!

    Gotta run for now.

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yup, we had an earthquake yesterday. You can read all
    about it on Wikipedia. Imagine! They already have an
    article re: same.

    The earthquake was in Baja, California. This is a little confusiating
    since Baja, California is not in California. It's in Mexico.

    Anyway it happened while I was sitting at the computer. Gordon
    walked in the door. I said, "Feel the earthquake?" He didn't.
    If you're walking or driving, you won't notice a small tremor.

    (Small here; big there.)

    We went to Trader Joe's over the weekend. I bought a package
    of frozen, assorted berries. Delicious. Also bought some smoked
    Gouda. Household tip for the day. Smoked cheese will keep
    longer in your fridge. Longer than what? Longer than unsmoked.

    (It's just the opposite from cigarettes. In that case the
    unsmoked ones last longer.)

    Jole, glad you felt up to posting. Who was it who lost the wallet?
    Gordon lost his when we were on a trip. Actually I think it was
    stolen. Anyhoo the airline didn't want to let him on the plane
    to fly home.

    We pointed out he had flown into San Antonio two days earlier,
    and was permitted to board the plane in LA. After much ado,
    he was finally permitted to fly home.

    I hope I never have to fly again.

    Anyway, Jole, good wishes for your sister. Hope you can come back soon.

    Springwater, seems to me you do a lot for someone who often
    doesn't feel up to doing much. Next time you're out w/ your
    packages, turn you umbrella upside down and make a basket
    out of it. Course if it's raining, you'll need two umbrellas.

    Granni, line dancing in the morning! Do the grankids call you

    Line Dancin' in the Morning

    It's time for line dancin'.
    I'm up on my toes.
    The faster the music
    The faster I goes.

    Good to hear from you, Sweetie. Hope your family
    dinner was fun for everydobby.

    Julie, turns out you were right. The interrupted phone call
    from your dad was bad news. Another medical crisis.

    Georgia, does Ursula have a little cap and apron to wear when
    she's doing maid duty?

    See the news about the state pension fund? Billions short.
    Or was it hundreds of billions? Who can keep track anymore?

    Went to the library Saturday. Put a quarter in the parking
    meter. Meter wouldn't work. I said to my friend the librarian,
    "Civilization is collapsing." She whispered back, "It already has."

    Well, time to go read The Simpsons comic book I picked up
    at the library. I like to read something educational
    now and then.

    Regards to Barry and Teacher and Carla and everydobby.

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    of that REPLY button and pop in again.

    Rock - Thanks so much for moving my post over even if I added a bit to it during my editing. No, the gkids do not call me Supergranni :) !! Probably this is true because they do not see me as much as the other granni who lives alot closer to them and sees them more often.

    Glad to see that you read some comics. I do not read them all but do like some of them, probably more of the older ones. My mom didn't used to read them and my dad would say she had of sense of humor. That was probably because she did not have any kind of childhood and had to work all her life. I think, after awhile she did read a few. It surely is better than most of the stuff in the newspapers though !

    Jole - How nice to see you. Glad you are feeling a bit better since the warm weather. I know what you mean, on that score. I hate the cold weather and makes be feel terrible, so stiff and sore all over (or should I say worse on cold days !)

    Glad to hear that you talk with your sis and that she is being so good about her terrible diagnosis.. Maybe her good attitude will help her in the long run. I'm sure it will be better than if she didn't have a good attitude having to deal with it all. Still thinking about and prayihg for her and the whole family .

    I need to go now and start thinking about lunch as DH will be back soon from golf.

    Thinking about everydobby inc those not mentioned and those who have been MIA for some time.


  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    so i will post here and shift to porch when its fixed.

    Rock - i wish i did a lot. YOu should see my house sometimes when the energy quotient
    is low

    Julie - oh my a lot going on. Praying for your mother. What a dilemma with everything
    else going on. Please remain strong. This too shall pass as crisises always do.

    Granni - what does clover look like? I have never used weedkiller. we try to tear them out
    with the hands.

    Jole - so nice to see you pop in again. that anecdote about your BIL had me laughing.
    But then Im as absent minded at times.

    Bill - lol at your post. its been long since i saw a tin cup..its plastic plastic and more plastic
    these days

    Yesterday i went to the doctors. To check out my heart. I dont want the onus
    of not having bothered should i have a heart attack or something, lol. I hadnt
    been to this doc my GP for like eight years!!! shows i was sort of healthy tho,
    all these years. touch wood. I shal go take an ECG, x ray and blood test. he
    said everything seemed clear but a routine check at my age is good.

    Today isnt very sunny so i think i shall go in a while.

    Oh today i got a pleasant surprise when i looked out the kitchen window
    and down into the backyard. My red roses are in full bloom! Plenty of them!
    Clambering all up the wall. So happy. Roses dont need too much water either.
    So thats a relief. Will definitely click a pic and post.

    The last time i went to the market to buy veggies and tofu there was a
    ruckus and when i looked properly i could see a young boy backpack on his
    shoulders slipping down and havng fits in the crowd. he was being
    held up by passersby who were trying to help him by putting water on his
    head etc. It was an epileptic fit. But i didnt see any froth at the mouth.
    I was so sad, it was scary to see such a young person completely at the
    mercy of his illness and having seizures. My stomach just went cold.
    How does one help a person with a fit? The market was gettting jammed
    with lookers on so i moved on to get my umbrella and when i returned
    the boy was gone. Presumably recovered and left. But i was left with a
    hollow feeling. What is his life like? Will he get work? when he's older?
    i do know a few people who had epilepsy as a kid and they went on to
    have normal lives..married and all. But they were girls.

    Take care everydobby

    God Bless
  20. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I just wrote a long post to everydobby and lost it. I can't do it again but I am doing well, settling in and things are moving along- I will try again another time to re-post -Carla

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